Color 4 Nails & Celestial Holographic Stamping Polishes

July 22, 2017

Today I have a fresh release of stamping polishes created by Celestial Cosmetics in collaboration with US stockist, Color4Nails. It has been a long, long time since I last did stamping of any kind on my nails, so I was hesitant to swatch this new five piece set a go as I know I am way of my game. I’m glad I did though as the polishes are really lovely.Β 

I did each swatch with the same image, using my old-school Creative Shop stamper along with Β Bundle Monster XL06. For my black and white base I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics Absence and Presence. For my pinkie and index fingers I applied two coats of the stamping polishes just as regular polishes to see how they applied on their own. They all needed two coats for me, for opacity, when worn as regular polishes.

First up is Azure. This is a frosted medium blue, with probably the least holo effect of all five of these polishes. It’s still a lovely blue though even without all the holo. It can appear a little streaky because of the frostiness, but that’s only if you wear it on it’s own. This one had a foil-like holographic appearance over black which I really loved.

Next up is Zinnia which is a lovely yellow toned chartreuse colour. The holo effect is pretty strong in this one and I just adore this type of colour. You can’t really pick up the colour when worn over black, and over the white base the yellow shows far more. But look at that colour on it’s own! It’s just gorgeous.

Orchid is a muted orchid colour, so the name really fits. I found it very similar to Celestial’s We Are Band Aids from the It’s All Happening Collection. The purple is medium in strength and very holographic stamped over dark colours.

Blush is a pale pink with scattered holo effect. The pink shade is absolutely beautiful and I would love to see this in a ‘regular’ polish. The pink stamps lovely over white and black, and I think it would look great over a medium shade pink creme too.

Finally we have my favourite of the release, Poppy. As a stand alone polish this one is very vibrant and totally my type of colour. The red is very visible over the black, but turns a pink because of the pigmentation over white. Still really lovely though.

I’m generally not a huge fan of holographic stamping polishes as they are just never pigmented enough for me, and I guess it’s a catch 22 situation as you can’t have both. Strong colour cancels out the holo and vice versa. What I do really love is the fact that I can use these as regular, beautiful scattered holographic polishes and they do stamp as well so that makes them super versatile and nice for those people who just want extra practise with their nail stamping adventures.

These five shades are available now from Celestial Cosmetics if you’re an Australian resident. US and worldwide customers can pick them up from Color4Nails.

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