Femme Fatale Cosmetics Aussie Indie Con Exclusives

June 28, 2017

Today I have the two Femme Fatale Cosmetics Exclusives that were available from their table at Aussie Indie Con a couple of weeks back. I totally meant to share these before the con, but time just sort of disappeared for me. Luckily when I checked their release schedule I realised that you would also have a chance to grab these even if you didn’t attend!
I have load of images of these two glimmering polishes so let’s get in and take a closer look.

First up is ‘Lodestar’. This polish, and the other actually, are all in a similar style to the polishes that were released in June, being all ethereal opal flakes style polishes. Lodestar has a slightly smokey pink toned lavender base colour, a pile of strong sky-blue shimmer, holographic sparkles and green-blue small opal flakes.
The colour of Lodestar really changed depending on both the lighting and angle at which I turned my hand which is why I took so many photos of it for you. It applied smoothly, very sheer on the first coat, but built up nicely to this final look with three coats. In bright lighting I still had very slight VNL, however in regular daylight, it was not visible at all.

Lodestar In Natural Lighting In The Shade

Lodestar In Natural Sunlight

Lodestar in Artificial Daylight

Lodestar in Artificial Daylight

The second exclusive from Aussie Indie Con is ‘Balefire’. This one is so SO pretty and want I really want to explore further when I get some time. Balefire has a very sheer base that is filled with what looks to me to be a strong ballerina pink-violet-gold shifting shimmer, tiny golden flakes and glitters, holographic sparkle as well as small holographic glitters and small opal flakes.
This one was VERY sheer, with my swatches being four quite generous coats. As you can see VNL was still quite visible, which is what has me curious. I would LOVE to try this polish over a solid base colour, and I just know that this style of shimmer always looks great over dark colours so that is definitely on my list of things to try in the future.
Application was quite easy, just with it being so sheer, it made it difficult to see what I was putting it… or maybe I’m just getting old and blind, hehehe.

Balefire in Natural Light in the Shade

Balefire In Natural Sunlight

Balefire in Artificial Daylight

Balefire in Artificial Daylight

Despite the VNL, my favourite of the two of these is definitely Balefire as I really think I’m going to swoon hard when I see it used as a topper. But regardless of that, it’s just so traditionally pretty and elegant.

Both these polishes will be available in a one-time pre-sale from Femme Fatale Cosmetics July 1st. To make sure you get your hands on them during the pre-sale, make sure you are a member of the Femme Fatale Fiends Facebook group to find out the exact times of the pre-sale.

Did you grab these at Aussie Indie Con? If not, will you be getting them?
I need to swatch the polishes I got in my VIP bag, hopefully I get it done before the next con!


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