Celestial Cosmetics Aussie Indie Con 2017 Exclusives

June 10, 2017

Hey! Today marks just one week until the very first Aussie Indie Con and we are ALL getting super excited! It could be nerves, but nope, I truly think it’s actual freaking excitement! If this is the first you’re hearing about indie con, well go right over here and find out more!

Today I have the two Indie Con exclusives made by Celestial Cosmetics to show you and boy oh boy, they are outstanding. There is nothing about these two colours that I did not fall in love with. Let’s get straight to it.

The first Aussie Indie Con exclusive is ‘Cockle Bay’. This is a Β super vibrant blue with a really strong green shimmer, golden-green flakes and of course a tiny splash of holo. In the bottle it appears a bit darker but on the nails it’s like the colour of the water pictured in a coral reef with the green shimmer giving it a tiny turquoise twist at times.

There are enough flakes to make them a noticeable feature, and they don’t intrude the application at all. My swatches are just two coats of ‘Cockle Bay’ and one coat of topcoat. As someone who doesn’t really get down with the blue nails look, this was definitely one I would definitely turn a corner for.

Cockle Bay- Shade

Cockle Bay- Direct Sunlight

Cockle Bay- Artificial Light

Cockle Bay- Artificial Light

The second exclusive polish is ‘The Hungry Mile’ and this one is the standout for me of the two. In fact, I’d even go so far to say that it’s a standout of all Celestial’s this year to date which is pretty damn good since they have released some flipping unreal polishes already this year.

‘The Hungry Mile’ has a very bright purpley-pink coloured base and is jam packed with a blue-purple shimmer that makes it look like it glows. Also in there are these little flakes. I am not too sure if they’re pink and silver, or just silver but reflecting the pinky coloured base. Either way, if you think the polish looks good in images, wait till you see it on! I am really thinking that I will be wearing this one for indie con if I can get it in between some gel to make it last me a week.

Application was great, no issue at all. The flakes will stick to your nails during removal but that’s nothing a little patience and good TV show to watch won’t fix. My swatches are two coats plus topcoat.

The Hungry Mile- Shade

The Hungry Mile- Direct Sunlight

The Hungry Mile- Artificial Light

The Hungry Mile- Artificial Light

Both these polishes will ONLY be available from the Celestial Cosmetics booth at Aussie Indie Con on June 17th. If there is any remaining stock, they MAY be listed on their websites after the convention, however at this stage, I am not 100% certain of that. If there is any way you can get these two polishes, I recommend you find it. Fly to Sydney! Or find a polish mad friend! You won’t regret it.

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