Femme Fatale Cosmetics Opalescent Collection

May 31, 2017

Hey, so I promised I would be back to show you Femme Fatale’s newest collection and here I am. If you missed out on the COTM post from two days ago, you can find it here.
The opalescent collection consists of five polishes, all super glowy, with iridescent flakes and glitters being the superstars of all the polishes. All five polishes are inspired by… you guessed it, Β opals. As with opal stones, these polishes have loads of attitude and depth that made them (for me) so hard to capture. There is no compromise on seeing these with your own eyes.

First up is ‘The White Flame’ inspired by the white opal. The white flame has a white jelly style base with violet hue, large iridescent rainbow flakes, scattered holographic sparks and rainbow iridescent glitters.
This was very sheer on the first coat but did build up nicely. I found application to be nice but the larger flakes did need some manoeuvring. Off camera, the violet shimmer is much more prominent than my images show, and the polish will lean different colours in differing lighting and skin tone. I applied one very thin coat, then two more coats a bit thicker. I still had very slight VNL but not enough to create an issue.

Next up is ‘Starbrains’ inspired by the Purple Boulder Opal. This one is super pretty! It has a sheer slightly grey base with strong blue shimmer, pink (almost white) matte glitters, pink iridescent flakes and glitters and a touch of scattered holo.
I can imagine this one would be amazing as a topper or enhancer over a darker solid creme base. I have worn it on it’s own with three very generous coats. The flakes are just unreal off camera. It’s a truly beautiful polish. Application was nice, I would recommend not doing thick coats like I did. Don’t be like me! The polish dries fast so nice thin coats will work best.

‘Glimmerbreath’ is also inspired by the white opal and consists of a clear, mildly grey tinted base, loads of green-turquoise shimmer, colour shifting iridescent flakes that are red-bronze-green looking, iridescent glitters and tiny holo flecks.
The lighting plays a huge part in the type of colour you see with this polish. Application was nice, although a little fiddly. Because it is so sheer and I really wanted an opaque finish I applied three very generous coats, however still had some VNL. I think this is another one that would look great over a solid creme base and applied in thinner coats.

‘Cracked Cosmos’ has a lavender toned grey base with red iridescent flakes and glitters as well as a decent loose holo rainbow. Again, the base colour of this polish will change depending on the lighting you’re in, leaning more mauve or grey depending.
Application on Cracked Cosmos was the smoothest of the polishes I’ve already mentioned and completely without issue. While on the sheer side, the polish built up really nicely only needing three coats, but not as generous as the polishes we’ve seen so far.

Finally is ‘Celestial Sea’ inspired by the Blue Opal. Being the only dark shade in the collection, in a group shot it does seem like a lonely fellow but gosh, it’s my favourite of all five polishes and just stunning any way you look at it! The base colour is a red-toned eggplant that has been blackened and it’s filled with delicious pink-blue shifting flakes and pink holo speckles.
Despite the heavy load of flakes I found the application to be dreamy and without issue. I did notice that because I didn’t allow enough dry time in between coats I got some bald looking spots which are quite clear in my photos. Make sure you either wait properly for the polish to dry or apply over a dark solid base. My swatches are three medium coats, though I found two covered any VNL.

That’s it! It’s been a pleasure to swatch some Femme’s again, as they really do put out some super unique polishes that always look so beautiful no matter how you view them.

The Opalescent Collection will go on pre-sale from June 1st-June 5th from Femme Fatale Cosmetics and they will NOT be returning so if you like them, make sure to place your order within the time frame. Don’t forget the June COTM, Aldebaran will also go on -pre-sale June 1st, however that one will only be available for 48 hours.

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