Aussie Indie Con 2017-Prepare Yourselves!

May 7, 2017

Hey guys! Long time!
I’m going to be filling the blog with something a little bit special for the next couple of months. If you’re Australian and into nail polish, you might have heard of a fantastic event called Aussie Indie Con which is coming up in June. If you’re Australian and you haven’t heard of it, you’re in the right place!I recently, and I mean in the last couple of weeks, came on board with the Australian Polish Collective team, to help bring the event together and make it spectacular. So as you can imagine life has been crazy busy! At the same time, I’m attending as a vendor alongside Celestial Cosmetics and with our joint line, Celestial by Christine (that’s me!). So in between indie con business and family, I am busy whipping up a storm of amazing wax melts, cuticle balms, and something else super awesome that will be exposed at indie con! Oooh, I’m releasing secrets….

Aussie Indie Con 2017 is the very first event of what will hopefully become an annual convention highlighting the artisan beauty industry and bringing it to both it’s already feverish fans and new customers alike. The event is jammed packed with action including demo’s, workshops, industry suppliers, stockists, and of course, the brands. Ones we know and love and one’s just waiting to grab some new love.

Oh yes! It’s going to be GREAT!

For the nail polish lovers, there’s going to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, all in one place! I have been beyond blessed to either work with or try for myself almost every single brand attending and I can personally attest to the professionalism and creative skills of each of these Australian companies. I am so excited (and frankly a little nervous/shy/starstruck) to finally put faces to names and meet these wonderful people who have been in some way involved in my life over the last four years. Am I gushing? I think I am… But just check out this amazing line-up!

Of course, joining the polish brands are some other super exciting companies, a couple I’ve tried, a couple I most certainly will be trying! Jewellery from Jewels by Jess will be attending. You can see one of my really early blog posts featuring her creations here. Ink Blot Bath Bombs will be attending with their super amazing bombs. OMG they look divine! And, there are even more vendors to be announced this week! Make sure to follow the official Facebook Page to stay up to date!

Because of the sudden work I have been getting up to in the community again, I felt inspired to get down to business and paint my flipping nails! Oh yes, they certainly need some care these days, but luckily I have the products for that! 😉 So here’s a quick swatch of a polish I bought recently from Emily de Molly. Called ‘The Descent’, it’s a brilliant red, gold, olive multichrome with tiny speckles of holo dust throughout. Really nice!

How pretty is that!!

I am so excited that I am going to Indie Con, and even more excited to see (buy) all the things! I’ll be the one sneaking out from our table to quickly shop up a storm where-ever I can. Watch out bank account!

Anyhoo, I’ll be back with extra posts about Indie Con as the time draws nearer. In the meantime, call your friends, book some accommodation and come to Sydney for the day June 17th! If you’re into nails, cosmetics, bath’n’body, home fragrance, skincare, or just plain old FUN, you need to be there. If you’re in the industry of nails, be it a nail tech or a casual polish lover, you need to be there! If you create products that fit the theme of artisan beauty, you need to be there!

If you come, come down and say Hi to me! This is, if you can find me while I wade in all the fabulous!

Chris xx

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