Celestial Cosmetics Good Girls And Bad Habits Collection

April 3, 2017

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well! It’s been quite a while but I thought what the hell, I feel like a blog post, so let’s do a blog post!

Today I have a new collection from Celestial Cosmetics as well as their Limited Edition Birthday polish! That’s right folks, Celestial turns four this month!
I thoroughly enjoyed swatching these polishes and thought you might like to see them here too. For the life of me, I just cannot get used to only posting swatches on IG and Facebook. It always feels like something is missing so hopefully this will correct that issue I’m having. 

This month Celestial has a new nine piece release called ‘Good Girls & Bad Habits’ and each polish is a simple, yet stunning, linear holo. I love that they went down this route and kept it simple as sometimes you just want a great colour without all the bits and pieces. They have added some super fun twists via their naming though as I love it!
To save on repetition so you can just enjoy all the pictures, each swatch is two coats of polish without topcoat. I do recommend topcoat for longevity of your manicure though. All my swatches are also taken in regular sunlight ah-la-natural.

‘You’re Poison And I’m Addicted’ is a deep, dark purple linear holo, very opaque and super strong flame.

‘Your Approval Is Not Needed’ is a dark coffee brown linear holo, again, very opaque and with a strong flame. I adore this one! Dark brown holos are my thang!

‘Hell In High Heels’ is flaming bright! It is definitely a pink but carries a decent red undercurrent through it. Coincidentally, it is almost, like 95% a dead match for another one of my favourite Celestial’s ‘Men Of Mayhem’. I’ve included a comparison photo below for you, but if you ever missed out on Men Of Mayhem, this one will certainly quench your thirst.

‘Classy, Sassy And A Little Badassy’ is a true teal linear holo, neither leaning too green nor too blue. It sits right in the middle perfectly.

‘Resting Bitch Face (Stops Wrinkles)’ is a periwinkle blue linear holo. This one seemed like it was going to be pretty sheer on, but was fine with the two coats. It has an excellent holo that my camera didn’t capture (because it hates me like that).

‘Too Glam To Give A Damn’ is a coral linear holo. The colour built up nicely and the flame is good. This one sits in between hues really well and isn’t too orange at all.

‘Buckle Up Buttercup’ is a very light brown linear holo, probably more of a nice milky latte type of colour with ash tones. Depending on your skin tone, I’d imagine this one would throw more brown at times. I found the holo in this one to be a little more demure, but still definitely there.

‘Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go…’ is a very dark midnight blue linear holo that has a touch of teal in the sunlight. Another fav from this release for me!

Lastly, ‘Sarcasm & Wine, Then Everything’s Fine’ is another chart topping winner with a rich burgundy base and strong linear holo. It seems to come from the same family as Callisto aka Blitzen’s Budgie Smugglers’ but is definitely different in colour. I have a comparison below if you’re curious.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, Celestial are turning four this month, and with that comes a special birthday polish. Not only do I love the name of this one, ‘There’s A Party In My Polish & You’re Invited’, the actual polish itself is gobsmacking. One of those tricksy ones you can stare at all day long. In the sunlight it looks like a regular blue with holo and flakes, not to be discounted as any less beautiful though. Move into regular light filled rooms, or shady areas etc and it really turns up the swank to a whole other level.
My swatches are two coats and one coat of topcoat.

So omg, that was a huge post! What are you loving?
My favourites are without doubt Sarcasm & Wine, Your Approval Is Not Needed, Hell In High Heels, Good Girls Go To Heaven and of course the birthday polish.

These shade will be releasing on both the Australian and International websites this coming Saturday, April 8th, at 9am ACDT. For the first 48 hours of sale, they will be reduced by 10%.

If you stumbled across this one today, thanks for stopping by. If you used to be a regular reader, then HEYA 🙂 I’ve missed you guys!

Chris xx

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