Letter To My Child’s Teacher

January 7, 2017

I am trying to catch up with my thoughts on here. I have loads of posts drafted and ready to go, but not entirely finished to a level I am happy with, and I feel if I delay too much, another year will have passed before I get all caught up.

Today’s post is a copy of a letter I wanted to share with you that I wrote to Sun’s teacher at the end of 2016. Since children at young a young age spend so much time both at home and at school, it’s these two environments where acceptance plays a most important role, and without the acceptance from both home and school, we would see some super sad kids, and obviously this is something no sane parent wants to be part of.

Before I share the letter with you, I want to let you know I absolutely cannot take full credit for this letter. I took from various sources I found on the internet throughout the year and put it together with some of my thoughts to make it relevant to what I was trying to say. You can find the original sources here and here. Β It’s a long one. I had a lot to say to this absolutely amazing teacher who has helped us beyond our wildest expectations. There is no way I could express my feelings to her in person, I would have been balling my eyes out and most likely slobbering all over the place, so a letter was the best choice for me.

You can read it below…

Dear ………

I am at a loss to let you know my feelings over the past year in person as I know what an emotional wreck I would be trying to express what I want to say.

I want to thank you for the care and love that you have shown Sun this past year. We have come so far in the last twelve months and for me there have been so many moments of nervousness, some tears (most of them happy tears), awe, and gratitude for you accepting Sun and helping her feel good about the child she is today.

That first meeting when my husband and I sat down with you was one we were so apprehensive about, not knowing how we would be received. The moment you said β€˜I know’ the relief we felt was huger than you can possibly know, and then for you to go on with arranging support and starting to put plans in place will be a day we will always remember.

Each day I am filled with amazement of Sun whose courage and confidence to live in this often unfamiliar and sometimes less-than-friendly world and it fills me with hope. As Sun has grown into herself even more, so too have all of us around her. She has become calmer, more focused on learning, less scared of being herself and this is with credit to you and for this we will be forever grateful. Without you, the outcome might not have been what it is today.

For this first twelve months of school we have asked and answered questions, educated ourselves immensely and done our best to keep you informed and up to date as we walked this path. It is exhausting to always be on the lookout, to always try and be several steps ahead of what someone might say and do, but knowing that you had her back, let us know that whatever challenges we might have encountered, we would be ok.

It is a strange feeling to burst with pride and relief to see you child be free and happy and also feel small tugs of panic at the same time, but I confidently left Sun at school each day, in your care, knowing that I can breathe a sigh of relief that she is safe and that you have blindly loved her for who she is and not the gender she expresses. We have been blessed to see the school community outshine ignorance again and again and without apprehension, address my child as the person she knows herself to be.

As we move forward into the new year I know there will be so much more that we will learn and grow from, but for now, thankyou for always giving me respect and kindness. Thankyou for giving us the safety to be vulnerable. Thankyou for taking care of my child without conditions, accepting her and helping her feel good about the child she is today.

Needless to say, there were tears involved, both in the reflection of the last twelve months, as well as just pure tears of joy and gratitude. Our journey this last twelve months starting school has been an amazing one, and it pleases me to no end to able to share the good that is in the majority of people we have encountered.

The world certainly need to see more of the good, don’t you think?

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