Celestial Cosmetics January 2017 New Releases

January 26, 2017

I have a super quick post for you today to share four of Celestial Cosmetics new shades which were just released yesterday. I am so in love with these so thought they needed they’re own special post on here.

They are not part of a collection as such however all four are of a similar make-up consisting of an almost metallic looking appearance with medium strength linear holographic effect, and each one has an outstanding colour-shifting overlay. It’s that overlay that gives these the wow factor for me. Sure, in the sun the holo is prominent, but in the shade you get to see that colourful shift and it’s not dulled by the holographic pigment at all. Such a fantastic mix.

To save repeating myself, each swatch I have here is two thin coats and no topcoat. I’d definitely recommend wearing topcoat to increase the life of your manicure, however I didn’t find it necessary when photographing these. I have worn them since and with topcoat and the effect were not dulled in any way with that addition.

First up is Crystal Ship. This is a cool, dusky purple, leaning towards pastel, but not quite there which I love because pastels just don’t really suit my skin tone much. The overlay in this one moves blue-green-gold with blue showing most prominently on viewing the shift. In the sunlight it’s the cool purple holo shines.

Next up is Cheap Distraction. This is a pink with slight lavender tones. Again it has the shifting overlay, this time moving gold-green, and holographic effect. I don’t normally swing towards this type of pink shade but this particular one stole my heart. The green is much stronger off camera than my images show.

Β Next up is ‘Mermaid’s Wail’ and it’s definitely a favourite from this release. This one has a cool, minty coloured base and the shifting overlay moves pink to gold.

Finally we have ‘Broken Glass’ which is my favourite of the four polishes. I don’t normally choose a blue as my favourite but this one is heavenly. The overlay has amazing shift and depth and it really does appear like broken glass with it’s green-pink colouring. Seeing the names and the colours together reminds me so much of finding sand-washed beach glass reflecting a beautiful colour spectrum on the beach. Ugh! It’s beautiful.

I could look at that shifty close-up all day long! For real!

As for formulas, all of these polishes applied really well. The lack of brushstrokes in the overlay was super impressive. I found thin coats best when applying and removal was easy as pie.

If this is anything to go by, I am very excited to see what Celestial put out for the rest of this year!

These polishes, as well as their January LE duo and Valentine’s duo, are available now in their Australian and US stores. Tell me which one is calling your name!

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