Celestial Cosmetics Duo for Crystal’s Charity Lacquers

January 14, 2017

Happy weekend guys! It’s sweltering here and I have SO much to do to get this kids ready for school, so I thought, ‘why not sit down and write a post for you all’?! And I have a treat for you today too! We’re taking a look at some NAIL POLISH!!!! Also, we’ll look at some super cute pet pictures. It’s a happy day!

I have two new polishes from Australian brand, Celestial Cosmetics to show you, and the reason I’m putting them on here, as you will see, is they are absolutely delightful. Plus, my blog, my rules, so when I come across a lovely polish I’ll have no qualms sharing it with you all. After all, there are plenty of times where I miss good old nail polish blogging.

These two polishes have been created to raise funds for a Facebook group titled, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers. Each month two brands are featured to make polishes for which a percentage of the sales goes towards a charity with the charities being different each roll-out. For January, the funds raised will be going towards the OVC Pet Trust for companion animal cancer research. This is a cause which has personally touched both the companies involved and the group organiser herself.

The first polish I have to show you is called ‘Duke’ and is inspired by this beautiful boy (the one with the handsome tie) who was friend and companion to Nicki, the owner of Celestial Cosmetics.

Duke is a blue-toned charcoal with great strength linear holographic effect, and filled with lots of colour shifting flakes. This is an intensely sparkly polish and was really hard to get a good photo of because it just wanted to blond me with it’s light reflection. The flakes shift colour from blue to green and also have a silver cast to them.

It was nice and smooth to apply with my application being two coats for these images. I used no topcoat for my swatches, but you will want to pop some on for a super smooth finish and to make your manicure last longer of course. This one will make your skin very sparkly on removal so be careful when you remove it and use a good hand & body scrub after which is what I do.

The next polish has been created as a dedication to ‘Ana’, the beautiful feline companion to the group organiser. I managed to get hold of a pic of Ana so we can see Celestial’s inspiration. And wasn’t she a beautiful lady!

Ana has a warm, blackened eggplant base and that same strong linear holographic as Duke. Inside this one, we have lots of fiery flakes that shift red-gold-copper. I love, love, love this shade so much!

Application of this one was as good as the last with no issues at all. My swatches are two thin coats and no topcoat has been added. The flakes sit so very flat on the nail, the polish had a smooth, glossy finish without the topcoat.

There we go! What do you think of these? The inspiration behind these and the cause itself just fills my heart with joy. I have pets of my own, and while I have avoided them being ill as yet, I am sure we have all been touched by the horrid cancer in some way in our lives, but when our beloved animals are ill, and we can’t help them, it’s just heartbreaking.

Want to see my feathered and furry friends? Introducing Franky (a Princess Parrot) and Shadow (a bitsa rescue cat).

Back to the polishes. These polishes will be available for pre-order individually from Celestial Cosmetics Australian and US based stores Monday January 16th at 10am ACDT. US and International customers will have a wait of up to six weeks for their polishes to arrive due to this sale being a pre-order. You can find the charity group HERE if you would like to join, but you do not have to be a member to purchase the polishes. I recommend checking the group out though as you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the pretty things in the future.

That’s it for today guys, thanks for reading and I hope you have a happy weekend, and if you’re currently melting from this heat in Australia, make sure your furry and feathered friends have lots of water available to them.

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