O’Christmas Tree

December 12, 2016
Two weeks ago, although it was still November, we had a rainy day, so much to Capt. Redbeards’ dismay, we decided to do the Christmas Tree.

Captain Redbeard just can’t seem to get a grasp on three excited kids, Christmas music (got to set the mood), me letting loose the suitcase of decorations, balls flying around the living room, tinsel getting wrapped around anything that will sit still for five seconds, the cat, Shadow, going bananas, and the general tomfoolery that entails. Somebody get the man a drink! It’s just too much!
After a while, he smiles, after all, how can the kids excitement not be infectious! Hang on, is it my excitement that’s infectious? It’s one of my favourite times of the year. We all have bits of the tree we do together. The kids hang most the decorations, Capt. Redbeard is on tinsel duty, I put the lights on, the we turn it into a game of Twister and all touch the Angel at the same time to put her on the top of the tree. This way works best for us, keeps the kids happy and no arguing over he/she did it last year!
We also realised, that this year, we are officially having Sun as her true self which means all the things with her birth name no longer apply, Santa Sacks, decorations etc. We asked her what she wanted to do, and of course she stuck with her feminine name. Of course, this makes me fill over with pride, but there’s this little part of me that will always hold onto all the former Christmas things from when she was little. She’s not upset with seeing/hearing her former name, for now, but we all know now it’s not the right one for her.  So all my little Christmas memories get put away for now, these are mine to keep. While my heart can be bursting with joy and pride that my girl gets to be herself, and I absolutely would not have it any other way, there’s this part of me that lets a tear fall, for how can a mum put away her child’s first few Christmases? I let that tear fall, it’s part of the process,  then I brush myself off and look forward to the years that are coming. The greatest yet! For these are the years she’ll remember as the years when everyone, omg even Santa, didn’t ‘get it wrong’ anymore.
And, as a pure stroke of luck, last Sunday evening ‘Santa’ drove past our house in his sleigh and handed out candy and sung lots of ho ho ho’s. This is a council run thingy that happens each year in our town. ALL THREE OF THEM LOST THEIR GASKETS!
Moon got star struck and couldn’t tell Santa his correct name!
Sun wanted a kiss but Santa was not down with that type of closeness, luckily she is easily distracted but candy!
Star had eyeballs like saucers and could simply not believe he was meeting ‘his best friend, Santa’!
I really have loved all the ages I’ve experienced through my children as each Christmas rolls around, but I really think age three/four is my favourite of all. They are understanding of it all and the magic is so strong.
There is nothing in the world like the sparkle in a child’s eyes when they get a breathe of Christmas magic.

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