Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

December 17, 2016

With only one week left until Christmas I thought I’d get together a little guide of six cute Christmas gift ideas. This list covers a range of products in affordable prices sure to please your girlfriends, family, wife or me… So, ahhh, this is my wish-list I’m sharing and let’s just quietly say I may be forwarding this list to Capt.Redbeard. 

It’s pretty widely known that the man-folk in our lives tend to leave their purchases to the last minute, so this list will be perfect for them! Feel free to share it. Most of these products can be bought from the comfort of your own home, and with some express shipping sorted, have in your hot little hands before next weekend! Some of them don’t even need wrapping! Everybody wins!

1- First up, and foremost,on my list are a pair of small sized gold hoop earrings. Something similar to these are always going to be a classic winner guaranteed to get you a saucy grin on Christmas morning.


This pair are from Michael Hill which is in just about every shopping centre around, and if not, you can always find similar elsewhere. It’s worth noting that Michael Hill (and some other stores mentioned here) have AfterPay which is another awesome benefit if you’ve spent too much money on other random prizes this year!

2-A candle is like the gift you give when you can’t really think of anything else, but it’s also a nice little extra to add. I adore scented candles that are going to make my home smell good. With three small kids, anything that can help make my home smell good is a welcome gift!


This candle is from Dusk which is a store I simply cannot walk past without the urge to go in a randomly sniff around for something that tickles my fancy. This specific candle is the Honolulu Candle Jar and oh yes, I know that if I close my eyes, put on some music, I can pretend I’m on some tropical holiday far, far away!

3- I’d be pretty happy with anything from Lush, but this particular item is always a firm favourite and a great stocking stuffer! Plus, really you can’t just buy one thing, so if you go in store or online looking for this, chances are, you’re going to get other things too! Go on… Make that lady, or guy (Capt.Redbeard get’s a spray every now and then too) happy!


Lush’s Breath Of Fresh Air, or as I call it, Fresh Spray, is ALWAYS in my handbag. I swear it perks me up through the day and keeps me awake when I would otherwise be curled up on the couch falling asleep to daytime TV (not really, I’m always doing housework and planning stimulating activities for the kiddies I promise). I spray it on my naked face, my made-up face, any one who’s nearby’s face. It’s the best!

4- Red Nail Polish. It doesn’t matter if you already have 50 shades of red, you might not have this shade of red. Or you might have just forgot to put it into your recent order and only just realised…. Whatever.


Pretty Serious Cosmetics are pretty famous for their fabulous creme shades, and red is always on my nails at Christmas, and a lot of the year to be honest. This one, Very Merry Berry, is from their most recent release, and looks to me like a staple shade everyone needs. Red nail polish makes you feel like a total glamour puss even on days when you could possibly be mistaken for an extra on The Walking Dead. Another brand that offers Afterpay too!

5- I do like to wear a little bit a make-up to make me feel pretty and fresh, and my favourite brand is Benefit which can be found at Myer, both in-store and online. They make the cutest little packs with awesome packaging and this one has everything you need to have an angelic looking face!


Girls Gone Wow has products for your lashes, brows, cheeks, lips and Pore-fessional to keep you looking tight! It’s on the more expensive side, but so worth it as a treat!

6- Finally a gift that’s super affordable and you can get creative yourself to make it! A cute little pot or container filled with an assortment of succulents. You can even get your kids in on the action to make these for family and friends!


Succulents are so popular right now and why not? They look great, are easy to look after for even the most plant murdering person and can dress up any table or little corner. With so much time being spent on back patios right now, head over to Bunnings, grab a pot and an assortment of succulents and go nuts. So cheap too. So cheap! Wrapping a little Christmas ribbon around the pot gives it a great, festive touch!

I think this is a pretty cool list of gifts and hope you’ve enjoyed it. Did you get any good ideas from it? What gifts are you hoping to nab this year? Also, do you think it’s easier to just buy them yourself, or give clues and hope for the best?



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