Dance Legend Golden-Eye Swatches and Review

September 2, 2016

It’s finally Spring here and I could swear it’s warmed up already, I am just crossing my fingers that we get clearer days sometime soon! I have holo’s to swatch! Also, looming on the horizon is two weeks school holidays for the kidlets, so I’ll be trying to wrap things up here as soon as I can to spend time with the little critters.

Today I have two shades from Dance Legend’s Golden-Eye Collection to show you. This is a set of magnetic polishes that have made a powerful resurgence lately in the polish world. After trying them I can see why. They are absolutely stunning.

I will say that photos absolutely do not do these justice. You just have to try them for yourself if you haven’t already.
So I’m not repeating myself, each swatch of these polishes is two thin coats on it’s own. I found that the polishes dried pretty fast so I recommend moving quick when you use your magnet. I used a cat’s eye magnet which was super strong to create the effect. Of course, you can wear these polishes without the use of a magnet, but if you can, definitely try the magnet effect. Both polishes had and even, smooth formula and no issues.


First up is You Know My Name. This shade has a tinted navy blue base colour and is filled with olive green and golden sparks as well as a touch of holo. It looked UNREAL on. With both of these polishes once you apply the magnet, when you move your nails, it’s like the effect actually travels up your nails. It’s like nothing else, and although I had read about it in other blog posts, I had no understanding of it’s awesome power until I witnessed it for myself.




Next up is From Russian With Love. This is a vibrant orange toned red with a crimson tinted base and golden magnetic shimmer. I ended up wearing this for a couple of days after I swatched it, and just could not stop looking. You really need to see that effect ‘move’ Β on your nails. I know, I keep banging on about it, but you must hear me!



In conclusion, I flipping LOVED these polishes. The magnetic effect appeared much stronger in person than in my photos for both polishes for some reason. They also carried a great depth to them. If you can imagine a cats-eye gemstone or laboradite, that’s what I likened them to on my nails. Just stunning.

You can get hold of these shades now from Dance Legend who ship worldwide. They are constantly putting out supreme polishes, always with great quality so I recommend following them on their Facebook page to stay up to date.

Have you tried these, or any magnetic polishes?

Chris xx

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  • Harper

    Love From Russian With Love. I don’t have a magnetic in this color and I want it!

  • this is so whimsical