Bella Vi Cosmetics Review

September 8, 2016

I have a bit of a different post for you today to show off a New Zealand based cosmetics brand, Bella Vi. Don’t worry though! I have done some nails to match the gorgeous packaging which you’ll spy later on in the post. 

Don’t be telling anyone, but I am now 38. OMG! So obviously, while trying to age gracefully, I am always on the hunt for products that are going to do the job they claim as well as be good for my skin, so when I was contacted by Bella Vi, I was excited to give their brand a try. I have to say I have been pleased with the results so far having used them for the past fortnight.

While sold out of New Zealand, Bella Vi is made in Italy with the finest of Certified Organic and Naturalceutical ingredients help nourish, hydrate and revitalise your skin naturally with key hero ingredients. They are also cruelty free. I was sent two moisturisers and two styles of foundation to try.


Starting with the base, the moisturisers, these are both two very different products, which feel completely different on.

The Active Hydrating Moisturiser does not contain an SPF factor and is substantially ‘richer’  than the other. I have liked this one for night-time use after cleansing before bed. The lotion applied really well, and while being rich, didn’t feel like it left a ‘layer’ on my skin and no stickiness which I hate. This actually made my skin feel like it was getting the good stuff in it and my skin certainly felt the difference. I really appreciate a good moisturising. This could be good for daytime wear and under make-up if you have quite dry skin, but I felt like that wouldn’t be for me since my skin can be prone to being quite oily at times. You can view the full list of ingredients HERE.

My favourite of these two is the Primer Moisturiser with SPF 15. It is super lightweight and feels extremely nourishing on. I have worn this one daily on it’s own or underneath my foundation and it holds up perfectly without affecting the make-up application. It is absolutely beautiful and of these two, this is definitely my top choice. You can check out the details of the ingredients HERE.


Another thing I really liked about the moisturisers is they both come with these little nozzles attached to squeeze out the amount you need. And you only need the smallest amount of product to cover your whole face. I loved this as compared to moisturisers that you have to tip upside down then end up rubbing the excess up your arms and being wasteful of it.

Both these two products retails for $59.50 each which definitely puts them at the higher end of the market. For me personally, I don’t like buying cheaper products for my face as I can truly feel the benefits of the higher end products usually, and considering the amount of products you actually use with these, I think they will last quite a while making the investment absolutely worth it.


Next up I have the two foundations I was sent. My first choice is the Pressed Foundation. I adore this style of foundation and it’s ease of application. Also the fact that I don’t end up with excess foundation underneath my fingernails..Eeeep! I chose the shade, Golden Silk, to match my skin tone. There is a handy skin-tone chart on the website and I impressed myself that I actually got it right! I was a perfect match! The pressed foundation applied so luxuriously, and built up nicely to a look I really loved. It still looked natural on, and it didn’t look like I was wearing make-up which, of course, is pretty much what we’re going for here. I found that the foundation lasted all day, with a quick, light touch-up around midday. I do spritz my face for a freshen up whilst wearing make-up and I found that doing this didn’t affect the foundation at all. You can read the ingredients HERE.

The Loose Mineral Foundation was sent to me to try in the same tone as the Pressed Foundation, and while I like it and how it applies, it’s not my preferred method of applying the foundation. It has a little sifter in it which I do like with loose products, but I still seem to get it everywhere, because really, I’m rushing in the morning when I get ready. I have no time for perfection on application. However if you do prefer this style of foundation, this one held up just as good as the Pressed Foundation with all the same qualities. A full list of ingredients can be found HERE.


Each of these products is around the $60.00 mark which is currently what I had been paying for foundation. I Really, really loved the quality of these and would happily purchase them for myself now that I’ve tried them.

Bella Vi retail a huge range of products with their dermatologically tested formulas and after trying these products out, I am keen to give some more a go.

So, to the nails. Bella Vi’s packaging was so beautiful I was inspired to do something simple to match it. I am wearing OPI What’s The Double Scoop? from their Retro Summer Collection. I did some elegant stamping using Uber Chic 7-03 and Hit The Bottle Chromeo.



So what’s your moisturiser and foundation brands of choice? Prior to this I have been a hard-core Estee Lauder Double Wear gal, but have wanted to move away from it for a while. After trying these, I would definitely go back for more as I couldn’t be happier with the results.

You can check out Bella Vi’s website HERE where they ship their products worldwide.

Chris xx

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