We’ve Changed! Welcome to Cured By Chris!

August 5, 2016

If you’ve arrived here looking for Serenity Nails, well you’ve reached the right site! But, OMG, I’ve changed!

As with everything, the time to evolve has arrived (or is that just a Pokemon thing?).

No really, I am SO excited (and a bit nervous) to introduce to you my new name, Cured By Chris. And to top it off, if you haven’t noticed already, I have a whole, fancy new site to go along with my name change!

No, I haven’t begun producing hams, nor am I claiming to be able to heal your illness. What I do cure is gel! I guess I can try and cure some nail sadness too, maybe make those talons a little happier. We shall see!

For quite a long time now I have wanted to take my blog in some different directions. My focus has hugely been on Australian indie nail polish on here for almost three years, but I have always wanted to share more with you guys too, and this opportunity will offer me the freedom to do that! I’ll still have plenty of polish on here, lots of indies. I’ll also have the ability to show you lots of cool gel related tidbits (I am a nail tech after all), and something else I’m hugely passionate about, hand and nail care.

You’ll be able to catch some snippets of my life in here too. Just a flash every now and then. Some cool images of things I’m loving and whatnot.

In celebration of this momentous day, I’ve made some nails to match my site! And of course, they’re gel too. My product of choice, Bio Sculpture Gel, however any gel polish or nail polish is good for this look.



I’ve used a colour called Lilac Lullaby, a beautiful lilac creme. I decided to pair it with some chrome pigment on my middle finger and thumb. On Bio Sculpture, it doesn’t chrome up as much, especially when viewed in the sunlight, but it does produce a super shiny, awesome finish.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate my lavender plants which, despite being constantly blown around in the cold Winter winds, are managing to stay alive for me!


I wanted to try and be a little creative so I did some simple black stamping over the base of each nail. I used Uber Chic Beauty Collection 7-02 for this design.




I hope you’ll enjoy everything. It was a huge decision for me to do this, and then follow through and get to work on it. I can’t go any further without thanking my helpful voice of reason, Emily from Very Emily, who has been my advisor through this whole change.

So, you must tell me what you think! Do you like the new blog design? Are you excited to see new things on here and a fresh style to go with it? If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comment section below!

Chris xx

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  • Where do I start?! I absolutely LOVE the new name and the new theme and I am so so happy for you to make this positive change! I can’t wait to see where you will take this blog and I hope it will bring you tons of enjoyment and happiness. I’m here for you always Christine <3

    Also, those nails! I'm obsessed!!! I totally need to get that stamp it is SO pretty!!!

    • Eeeeeep! Thanks so much Em! I’ve been fluffing around on here all day in the background! A few more things to tweek and we’re done! Thanks for all your help! You’re a bit fabulous xx

  • Briana

    Good luck with the new blog direction. It sounds fabulous

    • Thanks so much Briana! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Lara Leaf

    I am all for following your bliss. I think any blogger should totally OWN their blog! What would be the point otherwise?! And I love that Emily was there to help or bolster you in your decisions. I so admire the many instances of generosity that nail bloggers show each other. It’s a reminder there is still humanity in this world! Good luck with all your dreams and goals. I look forward to seeing where they lead!

    • I am SO owning it Lara! Thanks so much, and I totally agree with you, there’s definitely more good and kindness than we all think at times. It’s just lovely! I hope you enjoy the site 🙂

  • Yay for new things and going toward a new chapter with your blog! I love the redesign and the name!

    • omg Ida! Thankyou! It’s such a huge thing, and so scary to do, but I think it will be great! (lol, I hope so anyway)

  • Oh, hi Christine and all the new and awesome things on here! Beautiful blog design. It looks very fresh and clean and it matches your style. I really can’t wait to see more on Cured by Chris!

    • Yay! Thankyou Paulina! I browsed designs for ages, and fell in love with this one right away. Can’t wait to show you more too!

  • I already mentioned this on another post of yours, but congrats! That’s so exciting for you! I think it looks great and I’m excited to see your future content.

    • Eeeep! Thankyou! I am having all kinds of fab ideas, so I hope the inspiration sticks around for a while!

    • Eeeep! Thankyou! I am having all kinds of fab ideas, so I hope the inspiration sticks around for a while!

  • Love your new design and name! How exciting! Your nail art here is lovely and your photography is so pretty <3

    • Thanks so much Allie! I am hoping to continue with this style of image so I hope people enjoy it.

    • Thanks so much Allie! I am hoping to continue with this style of image so I hope people enjoy it.

  • Looks great!

  • Rosalia Pano

    I do love the new blog design!! 🙂 changes are always for good!!!