Wear It Purple Day 2016

August 26, 2016

Eeeep! I’m so excited because today is Wear It Purple Day so of course, I had to do some purple nails to go with my shirt and wristband!

If you missed my post last week on why I am so keen on showing my support today, you can go check it out HERE.

First. The nails.



I love doing drag-art in gel so I had to make a little rainbow nail to go with my super bright purple today! Yes, that is a purple, but it’s showing up more pink here than it looks in real life. It’s a Bio Sculpture shade called Samba Your Socks Off from their Rio Collection released last year (I think).

On my ring finger I’m wearing (all Bio Sculpture) 1-French White, 194-Dream Catcher, 198- Catch The Wind, 197- Bohemian Beauty, 173- Ipanema Sunset and 174- Samba Your Socks Off. I just painted those on in single lines then used a thin striping brush to drag the gel then cure.

Such a super simple manicure to create but really bright and fresh to wear around.




If there’s something I’d like everyone to take away from today, it’s to be open, share your love, educate yourself and others so that no-one ever feels left out. No-one should ever feel like they are different or less-than others. Everyone has the right to be proud of who they are, whether they identify as someone who is LGBTQI or whatever. The fact that we live in a day and age with so much freedom denied to those who came before us should not be an excuse to spout hate and poorly established thoughts. Be the person who inspires others, be the person that someone can rely on, not only in a time of need, but everyday, just to listen, with love.

From the moment I posted my original post on here about Wear It Purple day, I began receiving messages and emails from so many awesome people it blew me away as it was not what I expected at all. That day, I was brought to tears many times, not with sadness, but with pride for those of you who will be the backbone of the coming generations of people. Sometimes there is such a focus on the bad things that happen, we only hear a fraction of the good things, but that doesn’t mean that good things don’t happen all the time. You guys who support, you are the good things. Thankyou so much!

To those of you who are joining in today if you’re able, make sure you use the hashtags on Instagram so we can see your purple! I may contact you to make a collage or something like a sea of purple later today and share it back on here. I know there are so many people around the world who will appreciate the support you’ve given today.

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To my O…

‘I know you think ‘what’s the big deal’, you just want to be a girl. That’s all you care about I see. But I want you to know, that your daddy and I love you with all our being and will ferociously love you forever, whether you’re a girl, boy or anything in between. It doesn’t matter to us and it never has. We are proud of you for everything that you are. We were proud of you when you were born. We will be proud of you until the day we die, and we will show the whole world how we feel.
You are beautiful, inside and out. You have courage I never knew existed in someone so young. You are funny, vivacious, wickedly truthful and full of sunshine.
I hope that in your life, you will feel nothing but love and acceptance from everyone who is blessed to know you. I think I am the luckiest mummy in the whole world toΒ have been given children like you and your brothers. I love you my pumpkin pie xx’.

If you would like to follow the journey of my O, as I know lots of you have wanted to offer your support, I have a secret Facebook group where we follow the ups and downs of her journey, and it will be a place O can turn to for support as she grows up. You are welcome to join, however, you will need to message me on Facebook. Of course, privacy and safety is super important to us, so we do screen everyone who comes in.

Chris xx

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  • Pen

    wow! Your nails look gorgeous, and a beautiful ode <3 I had to include my picture for you (sorry!) I'm wearing Indian Summer and Opi You're Such A Budapest.

  • I’m trying to finish mine now. I hope O any ignorance and hate that O may face doesn’t get her down or stop her from being her true self. A supportive parent like you will be so good for her.

    • Thankyou so much Alinta xx I’ll be looking through all the manicures in a little bit, can’t wait to see yours! Love that you joined in xx

  • Wonderful amazing incredible! <3

  • That drag marble looks gorgeous! I love that it’s a rainbow but in a different sequence and looks so unique. <3

  • Stunning mani Christine and love you for setting this up. It was an honour to join for rainbow young people everywhere and of course O, love her to bits <3