Wear It Purple 2016

August 18, 2016

So I have something a bit different for you today, and it’s definitely something that is very near and dear to my heart and likely a bit wordy. Today I want to talk about Wear It Purple day and why it’s important not only to me, but to so many other people too!

Wear It Purple is a student-led, non for profit organisation. They want to teach people that every young person is unique and worthy of love. It doesn’t matter your sex, your sexuality or your gender identity. No one should be subject to bullying, belittlement and invalidation. In whatever environment you live in, you should feel safe. You should feel loved. And you should feel proud to be you. Each year, Wear It Purple, host a day of events and education to show the young rainbow people of the world that they matter. These kids need to know this so bad. Some of these kids have to endure so much and it’s just shit. I for one, say it shouldn’t be this way and I know I’m not alone.

I don’t go sharing a whole lot about my family on here, for good reason, they’re young. I’ve always been of the mind that when they are ready, and old enough, if they want to share bits about themselves, they can go right ahead. But this is different, I want you all to know how proud I am of my family. For those who don’t know me personally, you may not be aware that I am mum to three gorgeous, and incredibly trying at times, children. All three are unique in their own way, and incredibly different.

I was blessed to give birth to three healthy boys, and to this day, they are still pretty healthy children which I find amazing since they rarely eat all their veges. But one of my children was ‘different’ from early on. Very early on. As soon as O could express herself she preferred female clothing, female targeted toys, would wrap her head in anything she could get to depict long hair. Whatever right? Heaps of kids do this. It’s a phase, and it passes. Not all the time.

Early on, not knowing any better, we would have her wear ‘ gender appropriate’ Β clothing whilst out because of course, she could not wear a dress while shopping. It was an ‘ at home’ thing only. Over time, O became increasingly angry, withdrawn, and visibly ashamed of herself. The heartbreak of seeing a four yr old child being ashamed of herself and hiding and changing her clothes depending on her level of trust with different people is just one of the most soul crushing things for a parent to see. I’m sorry, but in what world should a child that age EVER be ashamed of themselves. Never. It should never happen!

At around 4 1/2-5 yrs of age, we had enough. Other things had happened, many other statements made that rip you to your very core, things I would never dream a person so young could even think of or comprehend, and we decided it was better to allow our child be herself, rather than fit in with our preconceived notions of what we thought she should present herself as. This wasn’t a phase, this wasn’t going away. This was not a kid playing dress-ups. The very minute we allowed O to be herself, this kid blossomed. She was happy, confident, and most importantly, proud of herself.

So fast track to today, we have a very well adjusted, almost six year old child who has gender dysphoria. She is a girl. She is the girl she always told me she was. Our life is a constant stream of learning, from her and from others. We take each day as it comes, and we are blessed that we live in an amazing community and are surrounded by amazingly supportive family and friends. We know that shit is going to get tough sometimes, but we know we can deal with it, and we’ll come out the other side stronger and better people.

As a parent of a transgender child, your whole world pivots, everything you thought you knew is flipped and turned inside out. You know what, you roll with it. You learn. You be accepting. You teach your children, no matter what their interests, to be proud of themselves. And that’s what wear it purple day is about.

Here is O early this year. She has since grown her hair out and is most excited that she can get a ponytail!

PicMonkey Collage1

Last year I wore purple nails on August 26th and I think I shared them on my Facebook page, that’s all. This year, I want my voice to be heard. I’m certainly going to paint my nails purple, but this year I’m going to be proud, the proudest. And I’m going to share those purple nails far and wide, so everyone knows it. So many of these kids don’t have voices, heartbreakingly some of these kids don’t know acceptance or love, and I want anyone who reads this to know that I am proud of you. You are amazing. You are valued.

I am inviting anyone who wants to to join me on August 26th and paint your nails purple, hell you can go all out and become Barney if that’s your jam! I’m going to share graphics all over social media, and I really would love for you to join me in showing support for our younger rainbow people around the world if you would like to. You don’t have to do anything fancy. You can just do a simple purple swatch or you can go all out with something extravagant. Everyone matters!!

I’m using the hashtags #wearitpurple #wearitpurple2016 and #nailitpurple2016 on Instagram and Twitter. You’re welcome to grab any of the images below to share around if you’d like to. I would be honoured and moved to see even one other person joining me with this.

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll leave the links below to the Wear It Purple information if you’d like to find out more about this organisation. Also just know, if anyone ever wants to chat about anything at all, be it public or private, you can comment below or contact me via Facebook or my Contact page on here. I’ll also note that although the Wear It Purple organisation know I am doing this, I’m not sponsored or paid in any way to do this, I’m doing it because I am a flipping proud mum!

Wear It Purple Website
Wear It Purple Facebook Page
Wear It Purple Instagram

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  • Pen

    Thankyou! For sharing such a beautiful, amazing, inspiring message. I have already chosen the purple I am going to wear on the 26th πŸ™‚

    • Yay!! Thankyou Pen! I still have choose my purple! Arrgggghhh!

  • You are so inspiring Christine! Reading this made me so emotional and I had to fetch some Kleenex. You have beautiful children and O looks so happy ❀

    • Aww thank-you Paulina! She is such a happy little thing! A little ball of energy <3

  • Georgina

    Thanks for sharing Christine.

  • O is beautiful and looks so happy – you go, momma! πŸ™‚
    I’ll join in with purple on the 26th, hun. *hugs

    • Yay! Thanks Mina. I can’t wait to see all the purple!

  • I will have to go through all my purples. Hopefully my body will let me join in πŸ™‚

    • Thankyou Alinta. I hope your body gives you a break soon!

  • Kate Warner

    So much fabulousness! I got a little emotional reading about your darling O. She has an amazing mum in you, Christine. I’m really looking forward to joining in and wearing purple x

    • Thankyou Kate! I tell her how lucky she is all the time LOL. No really, though, thanks, and thankyou for joining in!

  • Pretty Pixy

    You are a fantastic mum and a great role model for all mums out there! I am so glad your beautiful child is able to express herself as she feels like, if more kids were brought up in family’s like yours our world would be much better, safer and happier <3 <3 <3
    The 26th is my 20th anniversary lol, so i will def be wearing purple as my wedding dress was purple and silver πŸ˜€

    • omg what gorgeous colours for a wedding dress! Thankyou so much for your kind words. I get emotional reading all the messages, it’s just wonderful!

  • Rosalia Pano

    I am totally in love with this post, you are such a lovely & proud momma and should be supported just for that.. your little O is so lucky to have you as her guide πŸ™‚
    I live in MΓ©xico so I had not heard anything about this “wear it purple” before.. but I will totally participate & share the images and, thanks to you.. I learned something new today and something I totally support & admire..
    thanks for sharing this, kids are always unique and wonderful & beautiful.. hopefully we can help them remain this way

    • Thankyou so much for your kind words, it’s means a lot. I’m so glad you’d like to join in, make sure you use the hashtags on IG so I don’t miss out on seeing your work 😊 Have a lovely day xx

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