Honouring Ane_Li And Being Mindful To Others

July 26, 2016

Last week many of us in the nail community on Instagram were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of one of our own, nail artist Ane Li. A young lady so richly talented who tragically left this world too soon and I am sure her passing has not left anyone in the nail community untouched.


The internet really is a double edged sword. It can be so greatly enriching, so full of ‘things’ and knowledge, and an amazing way of staying in touch with friends, family and even strangers. I am sure that these days we all have friends we met via the internet. I am also sure that we have all either experienced or know someone who has, experienced one of the negative side of it… Opinions.

We all have opinions. On here for example, I have the freedom to either like someone’s artisan nail polish they created from their heart, a product that may or may not have emotion tied to it by the creator, or I can really dislike it. It is the way we word our opinions that can have devastating ripple effects to someone. What if I gave someone my opinion and wasn’t mindful of the way it was written, and that person had other things going on in their lives, things were not going well, and my opinion just destroyed their day. As equally uplifting as a positive opinion can be to the person reading, so equally soul destroying can a negative opinion be. This is why we must learn to be mindful.



Many nail artists on Instagram today are using the hashtag #sharingtheloveforaneli and reposting or recreating designs done by ane_li. I decided to join in as a show of honour and respect for an inspiring nail artist whose life was taken far too soon and far too young. My deepest condolences go out to the family at this time.


We need to remember that we do not really know people on the internet, unless of course we know them in their personal lives, in reality. We only see a fragment of what that person decides to publicly share with us. This person was just a child. Someone’s daughter, sister, friend.

We must always remember that our opinions could take what has been a bad day for someone and make it worse, even if it was not your intention to do so. Although we are sitting behind our keyboards, there is still enough humanity in us to show compassion, empathy and mindfulness when interacting on the internet. For what would our lives become if we didn’t keep those attributes within us?



The things we do for pleasure and choose to share with the world are just fragments. Tiny little pieces of us.

We are all such intricate beings with history and depth and beauty, I wish for you all to be able to find at least a glimmer of happiness and love in your day, whether it be via the internet or within the wonder that is your own special life.


If you are in a crisis or just not feeling the best please seek help, chat to someone, or call Lifeline on 131114 who are open 24/7. 

Chris xx

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  • Pretty Pixy

    I know exactly what you mean Christine, i have almost hidden myself from the world because of problems in my life and therefore have not wanted to be online because of how cruel, selfish and nasty some people can be and i just couldn’t handle it! People don’t think of other people’s feelings when they are harsh or even bully others and it can destroy people! I feel so badly for this beautiful young lady, taken too soon from the world <3

  • Harper

    Very well stated! May you too enjoy the wishes you’re sending to others.