Paint All The Nails Presents Animal Print

June 30, 2016

It’s link up time again!!!! Yeeeehahhh! Love this link up every month, and guess what?! It’s been twelve beautiful months of doing the Paint All The Nails Link-Ups! You can check out all of mine from the last year here. I’ve definitely had some good ones, and some not-so-good ones.

As you can probably guess from the title, our theme this month is animal print. I did some super cute animal print nails that I hope you’ll like too!

animal print

I know this is not the norm, but I just had to photograph and show you the polish I used as my base coat for my nail art. Cirque Hatch is just divine! You’ve likely seen it swatched everywhere around the polish blogosphere, but I finally got my hands on it recently, and am so happy with it! Check it out!

cirque-hatch-1 cairque-hatch-2

How pretty is it? That was two coats of Hatch and one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

I decided to do some simple stamping with a little pop of colour to create my animal print.

I used AiyooHehe Plate 076 from their Plaids And Florals release and chose the zebra image, keeping some of the floral in part of the design.


I used a regular black stamping polish, topcoated to seal it in, then grabbed some red leadlighting polish from Powder Perfect, Medieval, and painted in the flowers. It looked a little plain still so I lightly dabbed some sparkles on the center of the flowers using Cupcake Polish Bitter Almonds. This little addition made such a huge difference and I loved how it turned out!

cirque-animal-print-2 cirque-animal-print-1

What do you think? I hope you like this.

I’m super excited to go and see what everyone else did, so make sure you go a click through to check out everyone’s work. The talent of these ladies always floors me!

Chris xx

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  • Hatch is EVERYTHING!!! I absolutely adore this mani! I love that you used one of the Hehe plates. The flower really adds a bright pop of colour to the design. Super gorgeous Christine!

    • I need more Hehe Em, my problem is real! They just can’t be beat!

  • OMG, I almost died when I saw this nail art Christine!!! Hatch looks divine on you (and I love your macro shot of it) and you matched the stamping perfectly with it. It looks very soft with a pop of contrasting red, I couldn’t LOVE it more. Already pinned it to my board 😉

  • This is gorgeous, Hatch is just perfection!! I love those Hehe plates with the floral splash in the centre, your red leadlighting is gorgeous against the print <3

    • Thanks Jae! I am soooo loving Hatch! I could wear it non-stop, I swear!

  • Pretty Pixy

    Fantastic nail art babe, i love the boldness of the red and glitter over the base colour 🙂 This rocks.

    • Thanks lovely! The red really made a huge difference to the overall look. Glad you like it <3

  • Love the addition of the red poppies! So good! When I was trying to figure out what to do, I almost used the same plate/print! Love what you did!

    • Aww, I would love to see you recreate it! Thankyou Valesha xx

  • Hi Christine, this is the first time I see your blog and I find it so cute! I really like your manicure and I’m gonna follow you with Bloglovin! Kisses from Italy ^:^

    • Thankyou so much for visiting! I hope you enjoy what I post 🙂

  • Mmm I love these! What a unique way to incorporate the theme but in an unexpected way 🙂

    • Thanks Emily! They’re like, balancing on the edge of animal print 😉

  • I love that we used the same base and the same stamping plate for our designs and they are TOTALLY different! 😀 The pop of red really sets this design off and adds a sophisticated touch!

    • Thanks Jenny! How random that out of all our bits and pieces we picked the same plates! They’re the best plates right?!

  • That’s so pretty! The flowers make it so much more interesting and chic! Love it!

    • oh, adding that red made them something else! Thanks Lucie <3

  • Harper

    Gorgeous! Absolutely love it.

  • Sweetie, these have got to be one of my favourites from this round – they’re gorgeous, the colours are perfection and the floral with the animal print is absolutely stunning! Love, love, love!

  • I am totally obsessed with this mani Christine! I am with Mina here, and it is one of my favorites. Great shot of Hatch too. Since I have that polish and the same stamping plate I totally have to recreate this!

    • Aww thankyou so much Em! I cannot wait o see your version of this!!!

  • I agree, the glitter in the flowers makes this mani pop. Love how elegant and fun these are!