Nail Art With Frenzy Polish Illusory

May 20, 2016

Press Samples

Today I have some simple stamping over one of my favourite Frenzy Polish colours (to date) to show you.

Also, to all those who asked 🙂 My little man is doing great now, and is most certainly back, firing on all cylinders! You would never know he was so ill just a couple of days ago.

When I tried this shade from the Enigma Collection, Frenzy was very new to me still, however I have now had the pleasure of trying many polishes from the US based brand, and I have been super pleased with them all.

Frenzy Polish Illusory

Frenzy Polish

Illusory is a medium blue jelly style polish with striking green shimmer throughout. Because of it’s jelly base, the colour will deepen depending on how many coats you apply and your lighting. For example here, I have photographed my images on my patio in normal daylight.

For this swatch I applied two thin coats and one coat of topcoat for shine!

Frenzy Polish Illusory

Frenzy Polish


I stamped over the top using Emily de Molly Green Stamping Polish and Uber Chic Beauty Plate 7-03.


I really liked this one. I hope you like it too?

Final thought of the day. I really, really am trying to get some blog posts happening a bit more frequently. I hope you like that too?!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies <3

Chris xx

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