Glittering Elements New Releases

April 30, 2016

Happy Weekend guys! Today I have huge post filled with new releases from Australian hand-made brand, Glittering Elements. Their usual blogger, Procrastinating Polishr, is off enjoying a fancy European holiday, so I happily stepped in for this month.

There are eight new polishes in this release, and all of them were a dream to apply. Application has always been a steady favourite with this brand as it’s consistently excellent, making the polishes a pleasure to both swatch and regularly wear.


First up today is Firestone. This is a vibrant, cool crimson red jelly with a strong golden overlay. The overlay is fine-grade and non-streaky, layering nicely over the base colour and highlighting beautifully in light. My swatches show two thin coats.

glittering-elements-fire-stone-3 glittering-elements-fire-stone-2


Fern is a green-teal linear holo, sometimes leaning more teal than green as shown in my photos here. The most accurate to life photo is the square one below. The brighter the light around you, the less green and more teal it appears. This is a super pigmented polish. For my swatches I’ve applied two thin coats. Some people could get away with just one coat.

glittering-elements-fern-3 glittering-elements-fern-2


Delicate Storm is a super pretty neutral grey creme, with delicate scattered holo and a lovely lilac/pink coloured shimmer. The shimmer is quite strong in real life. It didn’t play too nice with my camera, but you can certainly see it trying to show here and there in the photos. I love neutrals like this. Actually I love most neutrals, they really tend to be my go to these days! For my swatch I’ve applied two thin coats of polish.

glittering-elements-delicate-storm-3 glittering-elements-delicate-storm-2


This polish is SBP Oops 66, and what a pretty Oops it is! It is such a Β complex colour to describe. It is red-toned, eggplant, but has these tiny golden flecks giving it a muted appearance at the same time as being quite dark. It also has a solid holographic effect. My swatches are two thin coats of polish.

glittering-elements-sbp-oops-66-3 glittering-elements-sbp-oops-66-2


This brilliant blue is called Electric Dreams it is insane in real life! It has a foil style finish and is soooo flashy. A blue jelly base jam-packed full of metallic blue shimmer are blue sparks. This was opaque in two thin coats, however for my swatch I’ve applied three. This one could be prone to staining so be on the safe side and make sure your wear a decent base coat so you can enjoy this to the max.

glittering-elements-electric-dreams-3 glittering-elements-electric-dreams-2


This gorgeous one is Berried Treasure and is so SO pretty! This has a warm purple base colour, strong holographic effect and lots of tiny colour-shifting flakies. For my swatches I’ve applied two thin coats.

glittering-elements-berried-treasure-3 glittering-elements-berried-treasure-2


This super-squishy polish is called X’s & O’s. It has a rich raspberry red jelly base with lots of pink fleck and a loose holo effect. I would have loved about ten times the holo in this exact colour but I assume the vibrancy of the red would not hold up. It looks amazingly juicy in real life! I just love jelly bases like this! My swatches show two thin coats. You may need three depending on your application.

glittering-elements-xs-os-3 glittering-elements-xs-os-2


The final polish in this release, and possibly my favourite of the lot is Charmed. Charmed has a berry pink jelly base and is filled with lots of tiny blue flakes and sparks giving it a vibrant violet hit. It looks so freaking unreal on! Really! My swatches show two thin coats of Charmed. Just go and cop an eyeful of this baby!

glittering-elements-charmed-3 glittering-elements-charmed-2

So which polishes are grabbing your eyeballs from this release. I have to say my top 3 are Fire Stone, Charmed and Berried Treasure πŸ™‚


All the polishes you’ve seen here today are available now through the Glittering Elements store. They also offer worldwide shipping!

The best way to make sure you get your hands on these is to go stalk the Glittering Elements Facebook page, and if you have any questions or concerns, swing Casey (the owner) a message.

Chris xx

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  • These are all so pretty but that red is otherworldly! Beautiful swatches as always!

  • Fern is insanely gorgeous! Excellent swatches as always Christine!

  • I really love that grey! The subtle shimmer and sparkle is just perfect! Beautiful swatches Christine!

  • What a stunning collection! The colors are beautiful but the unique finishes make it really stand out. Electric Dreams looks wonderful on you my dear. Thank you for this detailed review ❀

  • Alice

    I really like Fern, but this seems like such an odd mix of colours to me! Whilst they’re all stunning, as are your swatches, they just don’t flow together in my head. Nevertheless they are all lovely