Twinsie Nails With Very Emily

March 28, 2016

Today I have a super fun post to share. Twinsie nails! I have never, ever done twinsie nails before with anyone so this was so cool and when asked by talented Emily of Very Emily, despite my trepidation that I could never match her for skill or talent, I went right ahead and did them, and guess what?! I am so happy with how they turned out. Go on! You HAVE to check Emily’s out too!

Let’s take a look!


Earlier this year Emily gifted me the Chit Chat Nails+Bundle Monster Collaboration plate, so we decided, since we both had that plate, to base our design around it. It was my first time using the plate, and I really love the angular, and Aztec type designs on it.


We also wanted to see some fresh colours for this manicure, and when Emily found THIS DESIGN by Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All, we had it all sorted! Unfortunately we didn’t both own the same brands and shades of polish, but what we came up with came pretty close, and still look great together.


On my pinkie I have used Pretty Serious Cosmetics Pookie which is a beautiful turquoise-toned blue. On my pointer we have Lilypad Lacquer’s Dollface which is a pink that carries a cool-tone to it. I was actually quite devastated to find that I didn’t own more cool pinks. I guess this is something I need to rectify in the future!

On our ring fingers we started with a white base. I used Pretty Serious Presence. I then stamped with Celestial & Color4Nails collab stamping polish in Onyx. Oh also, my first time using a clear stamper! OMG how freaking great are they!!

For our middle finger we did the saran wrap look using the blue and the pink from the other fingers, and then stamped the hollow triangle from the plate to accentuate it. For me (and I’m pretty sure Emily felt the same) this finger, combined with that simple stamped triangle really pulled the whole manicure together.

A couple of small silver studs and the look was completed!


And of course, I HAVE to show you this beautiful collage Emily put together with both our manicures.

How darn pretty is it?!!


This was such a fun activity to do, and definitely something I would love to do more of in the future.

Thank you Emily for asking me to do some twinsie nails with you. It was such an honour, and super fun!

Make sure you head over to Very Emily to see her manicure individually and what polishes she used!

Chris xx

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  • Thank you so much for doing this collab with me Christine!!! I still can’t believe how gorgeous our manis turned out. I am so obsessed! <3 Love you!

  • Loving it!!! I was super excited when I saw Emily’s post pop up on Instagram before, you both did such a brilliant job. I totally agree about that white triangle, it really pulls the whole look together.

  • LaraLeaf

    Oh, I love your mani! Those polishes you used are so fresh-looking. Now I want them, lol. I love to see how you pulled the mani together with the saran nail. I was thinking of trying something similar (okay, not so well-done as yours!) and making that nail design in dry brush, which I love. Thank you for the gorgeous photos!

  • Spell Polish

    Christine I’m so happy to read your first twinsie post! I love this look, and love that you both worked together to create it 😉 I asked Emily the same thing- do you find it easier to stamp shapes like the triangle, or paint them on?

  • They are both so stunning, you girls did an amazing job 🙂 I love how the colors you used are so vibrant paired with black and white stamping! Already pinned this to my favorite nails board on Pinterest! 🙂

  • This design looks so great on both of you ladies’ nails! This is such a fun idea to rock the same mani!

  • These are beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collab like this that matched better than yours and Emily’s!!

  • Alice

    I’m so happy that you were both inspired by me, and these are absolutely flawless Christine! I think I’m going to have to recreate your recreation haha

  • You guys both did so amazing. I love both versions! Like I said on Emily’s post, the saran wrap nail makes me want some cotton candy! Yum!

  • You ladies did an amazing job, I adore this design! You are both making me wish I had ordered that plate now…