Nude And Black Stamping Nail Art

March 17, 2016

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So, a little something about me, and something I’m sure many people do, is either screenshot, save to a pinterest board or mentally save images of nail art that inspires us. I have done this type of thing for a solid few years now and rarely (never) actually replicated or been ‘inspired by’ the image as I intended it to be. Times are changing though so I’m kicking it off today with a piece I found a while back from my dear friend Emily of Very Emily fame. 

Emily’s blog, and now YouTube, is filled with constant inspirational ideas. This girl has some serious talent to which I would be happy to have even a minuscule fraction of.

This is a simple design, nude with some black stamping over the top, so I felt it would be a good one to start off with and not look like a complete twat. You can Emily’s original design HERE.

nude and black stamping-2

I started off by using Lilypad Lacquer’s Clay as my base colour. This rosy-toned nude creme is fast becoming a firm favourite in my stash. Two thin coats of it, and I’m good to go.

I taped off the nails I wanted to stamp with using some liquid latex (Dance Legend Pure Manicure) to keep my cuticles and skin from being stamped on too.

I stamped using Celestial and Color4Nails collaborative stamping polish in the shade Onyx, and performed a bit of a double stamping mix. To create the criss-cross pattern I used AiyooHehe Fairytale 002. And for the floral pattern I used Pueen SEO1B. I added a square black stud from Bio Sculpture to my ring finger.

nude and black stamping-1

I adored this manicure and was so happy with how it turned out. Nude and black are one of my favourite combinations. It always looks so elegant and striking!

What do you think? Should we see some more nude and black designs?

Chris xx

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  • Oh wow thank you so much for your kind words Christine! Not sure I deserve that kind of praise but I’ll take it 🙂 your nail art looks absolutely stunning!! I’m in love!

    • oh shush! Of course, you deserve kind words! Thankyou! I am so glad you like them! It would have awkward if you didn’t! :p

  • I always love black stamping over a nude base, it’s such gorgeous contrast!

    • It always looks beautiful I think too. Thanks Deborah!

  • Such an elegant and sophisticated look. I love that you added the black stud! Gorgeous look Christine 🙂

    • Thankyou Paulina. The black stud really helped to add something to a plain nail right!

  • Nude & black is such a sexy combo!

    • For sure! I think it’s sexy as heck! Thanks Kellie xx

  • So lady like! Nude nails and a nice Spring-y stamping design – these are lovely, hun!

    • Thankyou Mina xx I wear nude so often and it was nice to spice it up like this!

  • You always do stamping so well. I love the color combo you chose here. It goes perfectly together and makes a statement even though you chose subdued colors. ♥

    • Ahh Valesha. You’re too kind. I’m glad you like them <3

  • I totally know what you mean. I have saved sooo mani photos with the intent of recreating them. Someday… Well this was worth the wait because it is beautiful and elegant and you could wear it anytime!

    • Ha! It’s crazy. I am determined to get through them though! Thanks Em xx