Dance Legend Velvet Mini Review

March 13, 2016

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Today I have a really speedy post for you to share two polishes from the Dance Legend Velvet mini range.

Prior to these, the only polishes I have tried from this range were cremes, that dried to a smooth, velvet finish. These two are a little different, and the way I liked them was also a little different to the norm.

For my swatches here today, I had decided that I liked the polishes better, non-velvet! I added topcoat to them. The topcoat really lifts the flake shimmer to something else, and makes them so blingy without looking like a glitter type of bling. Know what I mean?

Let’s check them out.

dance-legend-velvet-mini-10-1 dance-legend-velvet-mini-10-2

Firstly, these polishes have no names that I can read or translate off the bottles, so I’m sticking with the colour numbers for this post. This shade is number 10.

This is a cool, almost neon green absolutely filled with beautiful golden flecks and shimmer. It does look stunning when dried to it’s natural velvet finish, but I adore how it looks with topcoat! It applied easily, smooth and without any issue, with two thin coats for my swatches today.

dance-legend-velvet-mini-11-1 dance-legend-velvet-mini-11-2

Next up is Number 11. This one is an almost neon candy pink shade, brighter in real life than my photos how. It has the same golden flak shimmer throughout.

This one applied just as well as Number 10. My swatches show two coats with topcoat again.

I really recommend trying these with topcoat if you havent already. They’re just gorgeous!

The Dance Legend Velvet mini’s are available now from Dance Legend directly, or you can request them from Dance Legend stockists.

Chris xx

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  • When I saw the first picture I was like WOW! And then I scrolled down to see details and they are even more beautiful than the initial reaction. That green shade looks insanely beautiful on you Christine and I totally understand why you prefer these with top coat, they flakies really pop with the shine!

  • These are incredibly pretty glossy like this! I’ll have to try mine glossed up too!

  • These are incredibly pretty glossy like this! I’ll have to try mine glossed up too!

  • They look very nice and it’s great you get basically two cool finishes out of one polish. Lovely swatches 🙂