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February 25, 2016

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It’s Paint All The Nails link-up day again! This is a once-a-month linkup between a group of friendly bloggers where we voted on a theme and went at it!

This month Marble won the draw, but of course, marble could be interpreted many ways. You could water-marble, dry marble-marble some decals, stamp a marble. I chose to go with a marble in some gel polish I was trying out.

I’ve used three shades from the Dance Legend Gel Polish range. Let’s take a look..


My base colour is called Smoky Eyes, which is a ash toned neutral, which I just love.

I applied my first coat of Smoky Eyes over Dance Legend Gel Polish Base Coat and cured. I applied my second coat, and while it was still wet, dabbled on some dots using Self-Confident (brighter coral) and Bonjour (pale nude).

I then took a small nail art brush and dragged it through the wet gel polish creating a marble effect before curing for the final time. I then top coated the manicure.

dance-legend-gel-polish-nailart-1 dance-legend-gel-polish-nailart-3 dance-legend-gel-polish-nailart-4

I had a few problems with it, not working like it should, so my heart just wasn’t in this one as much as usual, which I am devastated about. I love the colour combinations though. What do you think?
If this is your first time, you can go back and check out our past link-ups here.

I’ll be popping up a HUGE review of the Dance Legend Gel Polish line next week, so if you’ve been curious about them, make sure you head back over to check that out!

Now to go and see what the other girls chose to do for their marble designs!!

Chris xx

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  • I know you had some trouble with these but you would never ever be able to tell looking at the photos. It looks absolutely flawless to me, I love the colours!!! Super gorgeous!

  • la paillette frondeuse

    you’ve been so brave, a drag marble ! It’s a kind of nightmare technique for me, I only use it in “patch”, like that I don’t cry after the fifth ugly attempt ^^ personally I find your mani really beautiful, I love the color combo and the irregular pattern of your marble gives it an artistic side.

  • sugarboombliss .

    Like Emily said, I had no idea looking at your pics that you had trouble, until you said so. Please have more faith in yourself lovely. I absolutely love this mani, it looks like a fire in muted tones with the flames flickering and dancing. Thank you for sharing. Dawnxx

  • This is seriously pretty, it’s like a neutral/pastel abstract fire and I love it! Smart girl doing drag marble with gels, it all looks so flowy and gorgeous <3

  • This is great! I love doing drag marbles with gel polish…it makes life so much easier than with traditional polish! Gorgeous work 🙂

  • Oh wow, I never thought to do a drag marble with gel, but it’s clever!

  • Gray and pink are pair together so well and I love that those are the colors you chose. Very fun and pretty!

  • Wow, they are so beautiful! The colors are so subtle and delicate and the colors are working so well together. Just amazing!

  • Wow, they are so beautiful! The colors are so subtle and delicate and the colors are working so well together. Just amazing!

  • I adore your color combo and the design is gorgeous as well! <3 Such a fun thing to do with gel!

  • Alice

    I love this! Such a fun interpretation of the prompt

  • I love it and needle marble isn’t easy at all. I think you did great and the colour combo choice is lovely and unique!! 🙂 Well done!

  • There’s something about this one that I find mesmerizing. The shades and the way the seem to flow..lovely!

  • I LOVE the color combination! And despite the issues you had with it, it still looks so cool and original! Don’t be disappointed!

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