Jord Wood Watches and Nail Art

January 12, 2016

Press Sample

After many, many, many months lusting after the JORD Wood Watches I have seen around on so many blogs, I was lucky enough to be offered one for myself. They just always look so unique and like no other watch I’ve ever owned, so I was super excited to be getting hold of one! Of course, I had to do some matching nails, so make sure you stick around to check them out!

I was sent the Purpleheart and Plum version from the Frankie Series.


At first, I received the wrong package with the watch enclosed having a band that was far too small for me. However, the PR team at JORD were on top of it, correcting the issue immediately and sending me out a replacement watch. I returned the original watch and received compensation for postage within a couple of days. Impressive customer service!

My stunning Frankie watch turned up in careful packaging around a week after it was sent to Australia from the US. So fast! The presentation of the watch is elegant in this beautiful embossed wooden box with slide-out lid.


The Purpleheart and Plum is a lovely red-toned wood, surprisingly light to wear with a plum coloured face. The face is minimal without any over the top bling on it. I like the simplistic nature of it, as it let’s the watch speak for itself.

I had never heard of Purpleheart wood before seeing this watch, so thought I’d find out some more about it. It also goes by the name Amaranth, which I had heard of, and is native to tropical regions of central and south America. JORD sources their Purpleheart sustainably from the Solomon Islands.



I took a couple of photos of the back of the face and the band so you can see the clasp. The clasp is quite hardy, and you just press both side together at once to undo ready for wearing.

The first time I wore it one of the pins in the band came loose, however my husband fixed it really fast for me by just popping it back in and sealing it with a touch of glue. It sounds like I had bad luck, but really it wasnt a big problem, and there has been no issue since. The watch is surprisingly hardy for it’s weight and delicate look.


My watch sits flush on my wrist as a showpeice, and I must say, I have had SO many compliments and curiosity when wearing it. I have pretty small wrists I think. My watch measured 16cm according to the JORD measurement system, and the face sits against the top of my wrist nicely. It’s great for people like me to have a large watch face, so I can quickly glance at it. And hey, as I get older, I’ll be able to see it really well!! Haha!
Really though, while my previous watch was very small in comparison, I have thoroughly enjoyed the change of having a larger watch face to wear.


As I mentioned, I did some nails to match, and I love the combination, and how they turned out!

I was running behind on time, so I did a really simple but effective look.


I used Cherry 2000 by Pretty Serious Cosmetics since it matched the natural colour of the purpleheart beautifully. I then added some gold studs to those nails to bring out the gold in the watch.

I teamed the polish with some nice floral decals from MILV, which are my absolute favourite brand of decals to use. So pretty, and I love how they are simplistic to match the watch, floral to match my whole outlook at the moment, but still very striking!

jord-wood-watches-nail-art-2-2 jord-wood-watches-nail-art-1-2

Finally I decided to jazz the whole look up, and I added a couple of bracelets since that’s how I would wear it when going out. The whole look came together so nicely! What do you think?


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I had so much fun photographing it for you!

JORD Wood Watches would make excellent gifts, and have a great range of both men’s and womens watches. They really are all artworks!

JORD Wood Watches are available at their online store where they offer international shipping, as well as free shipping within the USA. You’ll find the Purpleheart and Plum Frankie HERE. You can stay up to date with JORD via their Facebook page and Instagram.

Mens Wood Watches

Chris xx

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  • That watch is gorgeous! I have seen the Jord watched before, but never one this striking! And of course your nails are beautiful too 🙂 Cherry 2000 is one of my favorite PS shades.

  • The watch is so pretty I would be too afraid to wear it and harm it, haha! That wood is so unique and cool. Of course your mani looks amazing and the photos are all perfection!

  • Gaby Espinosa

    I loved the JORD watches first time I saw them on Instagram and they’re definitely on my wishlist. Glad to know about the size since I also have really small wrists. This colour is beautiful and your nails match it perfectly.

  • This post is so beautiful I can’t even handle it! Your photos are gorgeous and the nails perfection, and let’s not forget the watch of course. I love the style of this Frankie watch and the purpleheart wood is just stunning!

  • Wow, I love your blog makeover! As for the watch, it looks absolutely beautiful, just like the matching nail art. Love it.

  • First of all, I love the blog makeover! It’s beautiful! Secondly, this watch is outstanding you did a FABULOUS job photographing it! Your nail art is a perfect fit too <3

  • Definitely, definitely loved it ALL!! You did such an amazing job with the photography to this post. Your photos are to die for pretty and I can’t believe how gorgeous your blog looks with the makeover!! I really like how unique this Jord looks and your nails are spot on awesome! Seriously!! I can’t even!! 😀

  • Great post Christine! I think it is one of the best JORD watch posts I’ve seen! I really love the floral arrangement, the watch itself and your photos. Ad of course your blog is even better now with the new look!

  • I love big face watches, they are my faves! Your nail art looks amazing next to the watch, very fitting!

  • I love the Frankie so much! It suits you very well 🙂

  • Rosalia Pano

    Loved the watch! and totally adored the nails that match.. they are great!!!! 🙂