Hehe Fairytale Plates Review and Nail Art

January 23, 2016

Press Samples

Today I have two stamping plates from Aiyoohéhé to show you. I was recently sent a few plates of my choice to play around with, and today I have two plates from their Fairytale range.

This was my first experience using plates from Héhé (the shortened version), however I had read so much about them prior to trying them myself I was super excited to get my little hands on them. Always, I read great reviews about excellent quality plates with wonderful images! Well you can go right ahead and add my glowing review to the list! Yup, they are as good as I had heard they’d be!

HeHe Fairytale 005

HeHe Fairytale 005

HeHe Fairytale 005

HeHe Fairytale 005

HeHe Fairytale 002

HeHe Fairytale 002

HeHe Fairytale 002

HeHe Fairytale 002

Please excuse my plate photography skills. I’m sure I’ll get there one day 😉
The first plates I have today are Fairytale 005 and 002. The Fairytale plates are both xxl size and rectangular, and are stuck onto a solid plastic backing. The back-side of the plate carries the Héhé trademark which is important to note to make sure you’re buying genuine plates.

I adore all the patterns on both of these plates so loved just that fact about them immediately. But then, I actually stamped with them, and oh ho! They are a delight to use. The engraving is perfection and the most perfect depth to give you a clean and crisp image. I always find that my stamping was a little ‘un-crisp’ and I always put it down to my poor skill and likely my stamper. I use a Creative Shop stamper, and just thought it was something I’d have to live with. However, using my Creative stamper, I manged to get perfect images, every single time with these plates!

I have a few quick manicures I created using these plates to show you too!


I wanted to create something subtle and romantic using Fairytale 002, so I created this look which I quite liked.

I applied one quick coat of Essie Birthday Suit to my naked nails to help them look a bit fresher. I then used Konad White to do the stamping.


For this manicure I again used Fairytale 002.

I applied two coats of Picture Polish Douceur and used Hit The Bottle Purple Reign to stamp with.


For this look I used Fairytale 005 and stamped over a white base, Pretty Serious Presence, using Celestial Cosmetics Pitch.

I then used some tints from Powder Perfect, Medieval (red) and Illuminate (yellow) to fill the image in and create a bright, fun look.


And my final look, and most likely my favourite of these four was done using Fairytale 005 again.

My base is Pahlish Stopped Watch and I stamped using both A England Virgin Queen and Emily de Molly Green in a gradient style.

Which of these four is your favourite?

Héhé stamping plates are available from the Aiyoohehe official site, the ONLY site you’ll find genuine Héhé products. There are a lot of rip-offs out there so make sure you buy the real thing to get the best quality! I might add, that the customer service is outstanding and they are really lovely to communicate with.

I have some more Héhé reviews coming up over this week, as well as diving head first into some Dance Legend reviews! Brace yourselves!

Chris xx

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  • sugarboombliss .

    Yay to more coming. I love the first one, that’s just my jam. And your fave no.4 would be my second. Dawnxx

  • You make me so jealous of your stamping skills! I think my favorite is the classic white on nude design 🙂

  • Your final look is my favourite too! So so gorgeous! But all of them are lovely. I’m so happy to hear you love the Hehe plates so much!

  • Ooooh your final look, it’s AMAZING! Love the colors, love the patterns.

  • I love your final look, too!! Although you made gorgeous looks on all. Glad to see they are as perfect as we’ve heard them to be, ’cause I’ve got a playdate arranged for this weekend with the ones I got 😉

  • All of these manis are gorgeous…makes it hard to pick just one! I loooooove that 005 plate! 🙂

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  • Rosalia Pano

    I totally loved the first one.. it’s so sweet and perfect!! 🙂