Sunny’s Body Products Halloween 2015 Box

December 12, 2015

Nothing To Disclose

I know this is a super late post, I mean, it’s long past Halloween, Β but hey! I just wanted to share my first experience with Sunny’s Body Products with you.

I originally caught word of this brand a little over a year ago, I think it was Halloween 2014! So, it took me a year to get my head together and finally grab a box for myself. Sunny’s have products available all the time, however they release a seasonal box at pretty regular and various intervals of the year. These were what I was particularly interested in since I didnt have to think for myself about what scent to choose and it’s a great way to try a few different products all at once.

It was my friends, Emily and Deborah who pushed me over the edge and inspired my purchase of this box! The scents sounded great, and it was finally time. It usually takes me a long time to try new things, but I have to say, I wish I’d gotten onto these products sooner!

I won’t do descriptions of the scents I received here, if you are particularly interested please check out these posts by Very Emily and Love Varnish. I will just describe my experience with each product today.

The box arrived to me in perfect condition with each product very neatly packaged and secured firmly with strong tape. Also, there was American candy! Sold from the very opening!

sunnys body products halloween 3


A firm balm that comes in a wind-up tube. The scent is lovely and fresh, I would say it smells ‘clean’. The balms melts onto your skin as you rub it in and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. I have found this one really useful on very dry patches of skin and eczema ( I tested it on my children). It’s handy to carry around in my purse so quite useful for me.


Hand creams are an obsession of mine and this one is absolutely perfect! It is light, non greasy, and heavenly scented and comes in a flip-top squeeze container. It absorbs really nicely and doesnt leave any residue. I keep my little one near my computer as I get very dry hands when typing and mucking about. I absolutely need this product in a larger bottle, and I’m excited to say that Sanaz, the owner of Sunny’s has delivered and is now offering a hand lotion in a large size! I am going to need lots of this hand lotion in the future!


OMG, this one is like vitamins for your cuticles. It comes in a glass bottle with a Β little dropper for application. I like this aspect as it feels like I have a little apothecary going on! It is super rich and nourishing! I found the scent on this one to be quite strong, but pleasing and it smells ‘healing’ to me. Because this product is very rich it takes while to be fully absorbed by your skin so I like to apply it right before bed, really rubbing it in. For swatchers and nail bloggers this is great to apply after a session to restore your skin. I see a visible instant improvement to my nails and surrounding skin when applying this. I also like to rub my hands in the end of my hair after I’ve rubbed it in so any residue is not wasted and my hair ends are getting some love too. This product is going to be a staple that I must have more of!


This light cuticle oil comes in a roller ball bottle with a metal ball. These are great for keeping in the car or handbag since they don’t leak! I keep mine in my car! The scent is light and fresh and the oil is a lighter consistency compared to the intensive one I described above. This makes it great for applying anytime with no residue left behind at all.


Bath whip is a quite solid whipped soap. I keep mine in the shower and just scoop a little out as needed. A little goes a long way and it lathers up to a rich, creamy froth. The scent of this one is so clean and fresh, I adore it more than any other cleaning product I can recall using! I want this product in super large tubs!

sunnys body products halloween 2


This is an amazing product that is very solid, but melts on skin contact nicely. I find it hard to get a large amount of product out of the tub, but by rubbing my fingers onto it, it melts nicely on my fingertip then I can apply it in small amount. I have used this as a cuticle balm, in the ends of my hair to moisturise and stop frizz (Yay for tropical climates), it’s great to seal in moisture on eczema patches and soothing for the skin, it’s great to rub into your feet at night and you get to wake up with baby soft skin. I’m sure this product has many more used, and I’ll be grabbing it whenever I think I might need some heavy duty moisture! The scent is sweet and very pleasing to me.


This is a great, rich cream, and I really want a giant tub of it. I found the scent of this to be super warming and cozy, not a great scent for my Summer months, but I can deal with our seasonal opposites if it means I get nice skin! I am actually putting off using this one up because I love the formula so much! I’ll be grabbing more of this product for sure. It’s perfect for after I shave my legs as I get very dry skin, and I’m finding, the older I get, the dryer my skin is getting!


The scent of this is the yummiest, most droolworthy scents I’ve had in a while! This scrub is a bit different to any other sugar sbrub I’ve tried because, I think, it has Shea Butter in it. The butter leaves a rich residue on the skin afterwards which can be rubbed in and creates a great barrier! You only need a very small amount of this product since it is very rich. If I know I’m going to be swatching a heap, I’ll treat myself both before and after with the scrub and put on a drop of the Intensive Cuticle Therapy too. I think it’s so important to look after your hands and products like these, that work help SO much! After all, you show your ge with your hands first!


The hand butter is a very rich, solid butter that melts on skin contact. I find it similar in maeup to the miracle balm, although it doesnt contain any wax product, I have to really dig a bit to get it out. As it melts, though, it’s super nourishing and a great product to use before bed. The scent of this is heavenly and it really feels as though I’m treating myself when I use it. Another product I definitely need more of!


I love a good lip balm and this one fits the bill perfectly. Very lightly scented and moisturising, without that stickiness some lip balms have. My lips are instantly softer and more kissable! Mine has now gone a little grainy, but that’s just a temperature thing, and the graininess dissolves without issue when wearing it. I would love this product in many more scents!

sunnys body products halloween 1

I received ten fabulous products in this box that I loved ALL of and it was quite reasonably priced, even with shipping to Australia. It was $46 USD including the shipping, which works out to be around $60 AUD inc. shipping. It also arrived in a very timely manner, if I remember correctly it was only about ten days shipping to me.

I highly recommend this box to anyone who has been looking for quality skincare products, I have been so pleased with them all, and I’ll most definitely be ordering more in the future! I believe they have a Holiday box releasing very soon so I’ll be onto that one for myself! If you don’t want to wait for the seasonal boxes, you can also try their products in various sampler packs they have on offer. All you have to do then is choose your scent preference! You can check out their store for more information! Find Sunny’s Body Products HERE.

Have you tried any of Sunny’s products? What did you think of them?

Chris xx

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  • I’m so glad you loved your box! I love Sunny’s so much. I use several of the products daily. I’m currently hooked on the Intensive Cuticle Therapy from this box!

    • Thanks Emily! I’m trying to ration out the hand cream! I need more! Waiting for your next review so I can be enabled a little more πŸ˜‰

  • I got her Fall box and I totally love it! Now I want the other products that I didn’t get like the Bath Whip.

  • Such a great review, and aren’t the products just the bestest ever? I made little gift bags for my friends with a cuticle oil, hand lotion and sugar scrub so they can ALL have fabulous nails and hands :).

  • Oh wow you’ve made me want to go on a shopping spree! I’m headed to her site now to see what goodies she has available! I especially want to check out the hand lotion!

  • Deborah and Emily already had me in their web and now you!? You girls don’t play fair!
    I loved reading every word – you’re always so thorough with your reviews I feel like I can actually just shop for the products without any further info.
    I must check their cuticle products – I’m obssessed with cuticle care as of late!

  • My gosh, you, Deborah and Emily are really luring me with these goodies. That sugar scrub sounds amazing. Love your review, so informative.