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July 14, 2015

Nothing To Disclose

We’re slowly getting through the untrieds, and today I have a couple of Glam Polish’s to show you. Some of these I’ve had sitting there, patiently waiting for quite a long time. In total I have quite a few Glam’s to share, so you’ll be seeing more in a month or so!

The problem with untrieds? They just keep arriving! That’s the problem with polish, it seems to accumulate and jump into shopping carts! I have no idea how this happens, it’s a mystery!

Anyway, Β let’s look at these beautiful Glam’s!


Bellatrix is gorgeous. I’ve had this in my stash for sooooo long, and I love it. It is a super shiny, metallic grey/silver with stunning flecks of lilac, blue and a hint of gold (or pastel yellow, it’s hard to tell). It’s extremely blingy yet dark and moody at the same time! My swatch shows two thin coats and one coat of Cirque Liquid Laminate.

glam-polish-bellatrix-1 glam-polish-bellatrix-3


I bought this because anything red/coral/pink in one colour has to be mine! This is another sparkly glitter bomb that Glam Polish is famous for. This one also has beautiful golden highlights through it. For this swatch I applied two thin coats and one coat of Cirque Liquid Laminate topcoat.

glam-polish-you-cant-stop-the-beat-2 glam-polish-you-cant-stop-the-beat-3


Star Shadow is one of the clear based multi-chrome polishes that came out right back when we started seeing them everywhere. It is a gorgeous mix of colours. I have applied two thin coats over Cirque Memento Mori here.

glam-polish-star-shadow-1 glam-polish-star-shadow-3

This polish completely made me think of mermaid’s, naga’s and other mystical sea creatures, so of course I had to stamp some scales on top. I used plate MM21 and Hit The Bottle Blue-Tiful to get some vibrant scales happening.


I can’t wait to finish of my other untried Glam’s and have a play with them!

I’m not sure if these polishes are still available but you can check out theΒ Glam Polish store as she always has an amazing range of pretties.

Chris xx

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  • You Can’t Stop The Beat is absolutely beautiful! and I am totally drooling over your swatches right now πŸ™‚

    • Paulina, thankyou! Drool away! It’s a striking colour isn’t it!

  • I just can’t get on board with Glam these days, but Bellatrix is a sure exception. Most of that collection was nice actually, I remember liking a few of them – maybe because they were so different from the usual bright glitter holos Glam is known for,

    • I understand this completely Jae! I’m patiently waiting to see something different released lately, I seem to feel a lot of repetitiveness in the Glam area.

  • I don’t know which is my favourite: if You Can’t Stop the Beat or Star Shadow – they’re both so gorgeous!!! Loved your swatches, hun!

    • Thanks Mina! It is a hard choice. I think I’d pick You Can’t Stop The Beat πŸ™‚

  • I’m dying over Star Shadow! Total mermaid polish! You’ve captured the finish so beautifully, you can see all the subtle colours. Love it!

    • Thanks Emily! Mermaid all the way! They’re great because they change colours so much!

  • la paillette frondeuse

    I love your nailart buy i’m not Mad about star shadow. By cons i looooovveeeee you can’t stop the beat, lovely shade !

    • Thanks Nathalie! This is on of two clear based multichrome flake polish I’ve ended up keeping! There were just so many released at the time.

  • You Can’t Stop The Beat is a total stunner <3! Great swatches :).

    • Thanks Deborah! I love it! Can’t believe how long it took me to try it!

  • Star Shadow is beautiful! They all are actually, I’m a huge Glam Polish fan! Lovely swatches!

  • These are all beautiful but Star Shadow is so striking, I love deep and interesting polishes like this! xx

    • Thankyou! The colour combination in the flakies is beautiful.

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