Swatch My Stash- Essie Starry, Starry Night

July 6, 2015

Nothing To Disclose

EDIT January 7th 2016- If you are viewing this post to see swatches of the Essie Retro Revival Starry Starry Night release, please visit this post HERE!

I recently had the luck and chance encounter to grab myself a bottle of Essie’s Starry, Starry Night in a blog sale. It came along with a few polishes I had wanted (one of them was the Lilypad I showed here a few weeks back) so today I thought I’d wear it, and of course I had to photograph it.

So you all know SSN is a dupe of Chanel Ciel de Nuit, one I know I will never source out. Of course if I happened across one I will most likely change my mind and grab it, but I wont be tracking one in the near future. I can whole-hardheartedly appreciate this one on it’s own for ever more.

I do have some things I discovered that I didn’t realise about SSN prior to wearing it today. Also I have some regular old swatch spam, because gosh darn! It photographs so well!

essie-starry-starry-night-4 essie-starry-starry-night-6

The first surprising thing I noticed was the teal coloured undertone the polish has. It didn’t photograph showing it at all, and it’s something I’d never taken notice of in other swatches, but on my nails I can definitely see a teal in the navy base.

Of course, I also love that it can change to almost black, and sometimes a brighter blue depending on the vibrancy of the lighting around.


The other thing I have discovered is , it’s just not drying on me very well!

I am wearing Pretty Serious Cosmetics Rock On! as my base, two coats of SSN, and Dance Legend Go Fast topcoat. Usually I have no issue with chipping my polish or polish not drying fast, especially with this topcoat, but now, still 8 hours later, I can easily dent it with my fingernail. I sadly knocked my nails as soon as I finished taking these pictures so have a couple of dings in them. This NEVER happens, so I have no idea why it would be happening now. I might try a different combination of top and base coat next time to see if that makes a difference.

Anyway! It looks so pretty I dont even care! Sitting right up there with lots of my favourtie almost black shades with a hint of sparkle, SSN is taking pride of place in my top drawer. Top drawer polishes are reserved for those ‘must grab in a fire’ situations, after the kids and animals and husband of course.

essie-starry-starry-night-5 essie-starry-starry-night-3 essie-starry-starry-night-1

Β There we go! I’m super happy to have this in my home. The sparkle is so delicate, just glinting at me and the colour is lovely. I was even surprised that the formula was better than I had imagined it would be!

I don’t have a whole lot left on my wish list, it’s nicely narrowing down. Of course I always manage to add a few new releases here and there, but for major things that have been discontinued, there’s only a couple.

On a side note- It’s my birthday soon, and I just found out today that my husband (who has a copy of my wishlist) has called Myer looking for Chanel Holographic for me. Oops! Lol! He doesn’t really understand how it all works, but it’s a bit cute and that counts right?

Chris xx

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  • Aww, I love your swatches of this beautiful polish!I love how the sparkles are coming through so softly and it really does look like a starry night πŸ™‚

    • Oh thank-you Paulina! They are very soft and I love it like that <3

  • Tanya Payne

    It’s fantastic that your hubby supports you! Beautiful swatches, it’s still on my wishlist. One day!

    • If you come across it reasonably priced, definitely grab it! Thanks Tanya xx

  • Hahahah can’t believe you have a must grab in a fire polish drawer. That’s so cool haha πŸ™‚
    I can see why you’d put this one on there, but the formula sadly is a turn off for me. Let us know if it works differently with another base/top coat πŸ™‚

    • Hehe! Of course it would depend on the severity of the fire πŸ˜‰ Yeah, I have thought about it more and all I can think of is that I didn’t wait long enough for the final coat to dry before I topcoated it. Fingers crossed that’s all it was.

  • It is so beautiful!!! This one is definitely on my wishlist <3 I really like it when you say it has a little bit of a teal/navy undertone, that makes me want it even more! Gorgeous swatshes!!

    • Thankyou! I had wanted to try it for so long, but always thought I’d never come across one at the right time. I was lucky!

  • I adore this polish, it’s on my wishlist! That’s so cute about your husband, it’s the thought that counts right? πŸ˜‰ gorgeous swatches!

    • Haha, he’s a funny one! I hope you manage to get hold of it Allie!

  • It might be the older formula not playing well with your topcoat? But it looks gorgeous on you so I’d definitely try and use it again!

    • I will definitely be giving it another go with a different combination next time around. It’s too beautiful not to! Thanks for the tip xx

  • Woah this looks incredible on you Christine! It has so much depth, definitely a lust worthy shade. And how cute of your hubby! πŸ˜€

  • Such a nice shade ! I love the idea of having a ‘must grab’ drawer in case of emergency πŸ˜€

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