Sayuri Nail Lacquer Wanderlust Collection

July 31, 2015

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Today I have a fabulous new seven piece collection from Sayuri Nail Lacquer to show you. Inspired by adventures and the experience of travel, Sayuri have brought us The Wanderlust Collection.

The Wanderlust Collection is derived from the feelings of freedom the come from wandering with no destination in mind, the perfect carefree adventure! When I was a young thing, I would travel around by myself, just seeing where the day would take me, enjoying a scenic drive to anywhere and enjoying the fresh air of my surroundings. So many memories!



Without A Map is a vintage gold coloured nude with slight metallic finish and delicate sprinkles of blue, pink and purple shimmer. It applied evenly and easily only needing two coats for my swatches and one coat of Sayuri Quick Dry Topcoat.

sayuri-without-a-map-3 sayuri-without-a-map-4



Holy catfish! This is a pretty one! The World Is Yours is a special effect topper with a strong teal shimmer that is super strong over a dark base. It also has multichrome flakes and little copper microglitters. I have been told that you can layer it up in about three coats to wear on it’s own, but I’d recommend enjoying it to it’s maximum potential over a dark base. Here I have layered two thin coats over Cirque Memento Mori (black creme) although any dark base colour would work. I finished off my mani with one coat of Sayuri Quick Dry Topcoat.

sayuri-the-world-is-yours-5 sayuri-the-world-is-yours-3



Whenever I’m driving around and I get lost (it happens a lot!) I tell everyone I took the scenic route! Hehehe! The Scenic Route is, kind of, a microglitter polish although the glitters are very fine. It has a creamy purple base colour and a strong red/pink shimmer with blue, purple, red and copper microglitters. It is very easy to apply, I’ve used two coats for my swatches, and to bring out the sparkle and smooth out the mani you’ll want a nice topcoat. I’ve used Sayuri Quick Dry Topcoat here.

sayuri-the-scenic-route-4 sayuri-the-scenic-route-5



Taking Flight is a really unique thermal polish. It is clear (warm) to blue (cold) with strong gold shimmer and blue and gold microflakes. I love the combination of flakes in it. I applied three thin coats and one coat of Dance Legend Go Fast Topcoat. I did still have visible nail line even with the cold shift but the shimmer does help to disguise that when you dont have your nails in 6500k lighting.





Sayuri has described this one as a dark purple creme-jelly, although I would say this one is definitely more navy blue toned with a purple hue slightly. Never Truly Lost has an awesome mix of glitters including gold flakes, copper microglitters, little violet holographic slices and a golden shimmer. It looks really awesome on. And dont be scared off by those slices either. They’re not like your more traditional bar glitters, you cant even tell you’re applying them! I applied three thin coats and one coat of Sayuri Quick Dry Topcoat for my swatches.





This is one really cool polish! Crossing Borders has a blackened base with blue-purple duochrome shimmer and holographic effect. It looks fabulous! At first I thought I might have to use a dark base colour, but nope, it turned out just fine with just two coats on it’s own. I finished of my swatch with one coat of Sayuri Quick Dry Topcoat.

sayuri-crossing-borders-4 sayuri-crossing-borders-5



Love this! Roam Free is a deep, squishy berry red jam packed with loads of red shimmer. It looks absolutely amazing on with so much depth! I applied three thin coats for my swatches and one coat of topcoat.

sayuri-roam-free-3 sayuri-roam-free-4

The Wanderlust Collection will be releasing Saturday August 1st from Sayuri Nail Lacquer for Australian buyers. Select stock is currently on it’s way to Ella Ann Cosmetics in US, and Femme Fatale Cosmetics will soon be receiving their stock for all international buyers.

Prices range from $10.95 AUD to $12.95 AUD for individual bottles, and the whole collection will be available at a discounted rate of $69.95 for a limited time.

For updates check out the Sayuri Nail Lacquer group on Facebook.

What are you taking a liking to here? For me, I really love Roam Free and Crossing Borders.

Chris xx

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  • Taking Flight and Never Truly Lost have me swooning, such beauties!

  • Never Truly Lost is fabulous, I can’t resist a jelly with flakies. Roam Free is lovely too – I’m really falling for berry shades at the moment!

  • ‘holy catfish’ – hahaha 😉
    I’m with you on that one, though – The World Is Yours is my favourite! So gorgeous!

  • This is a stunning collection, The World Is Yours and Never Truly Lost are my favourites! Although Crossing Borders is lovely too…too many pretties!

  • These are all so gorgeous, and your swatches show them off well! The World Is Yours is especially special! 🙂

  • Woah! Flawless swatches Christine! I’m excited to swatch these too! Crossing Borders and Never Truly Lost are so amazing on you!