Pretty Serious Cosmetics Opal Treasure Topcoat Collection

July 7, 2015

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A couple of months back Pretty Serious Cosmetics released a whole lot of new additions to their nail care range, including some pretty fancy and cool ‘effect topcoats’. I have previously shown a couple of them on here including Yuki-Onna Ice Diamond topcoat, but I haven’t shown all the flake topcoats together. There are five in the range and today I have all of them to show you.

I thought this might be a great reference for seeing the difference between all of them and choosing which ones you need in your stash, since when viewed separately some of them could appear similar. In the bottles, they don’t appear particularly delicious but get them over a coloured base and feast your eyes!


For reference, all my photos show two coats of the corresponding flake topcoat over Cirque Memento Mori with NO topcoat. Don’t limit yourself to dark coloured base either. These flakes look amazing over lighter creme polishes too!

The flake topcoats are designed so that you don’t have to add anything when your finished applying. They ARE a topcoat themselves. Of course if you wanted to speed up the drying your could add a coat of Crystal Coat which is Pretty Serious’ quick dry topcoat.

pretty-serious-cosmetics-acid-burn-2 pretty-serious-cosmetics-acid-burn-4


The flakes in Acid burn shift gold-orange-green with orange being most predominant on the flat of the nail.

pretty-serious-cosmetics-fairy-guts-4 pretty-serious-cosmetics-fairy-guts-5


The most colourful in the range. It’s an explosion of rainbow flakes showing blue-turquoise-gold-orange-green-pink.

pretty-serious-cosmetics-fire-in-the-sky-2 pretty-serious-cosmetics-fire-in-the-sky-5


A stunning mix of red-orange-golden-green. The green really shows on the curve of the nail.

pretty-serious-cosmetics-prism-shards-2 pretty-serious-cosmetics-prism-shards-3


A stunning, almost full rainbow mix but on the warmer side when compared with Fairy Guts. The flakes shift red-orange-green-blue. The blue is strongest on the sides or curves of the nail.

pretty-serious-cosmetics-terrible-lizard-3 pretty-serious-cosmetics-terrible-lizard-5


A beautiful mix shifting green-turquoise-blue with red and orange flakes to contrast.

Application of all five Opal Flake topcoats is super easy, they have the consistency of somewhere between Crystal Coat and Plump Up The Volume, so a medium viscosity. The flakes apply evenly distributed and look stunning. And of course, those of you with curvier nails will appreciate a more magnificent colour shift on your nails!

I love these because you can add them to any base colour to refresh an older mani or make a new one pop a bit more. I know, for myself, I’ll take a flake topper over a glitter topper anyday.

The Opal Treasure Flake Topcoat range are available NOW from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

What do you think of these? Are you a flake lover?

Chris xx

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  • Tanya Payne

    Prism Shards is just stunning, I’ve never seen swatches before. Man when Seasonal Sunset makes its comeback I hope it’s in stock.

    • It is! I’m loving that one, Terrible Lizard and Fairy Guts the best 🙂
      I hope it’s in stock for you too Tanya xx

  • These top coats are amazing, Chris, and I already have 2 of them, and definitely intend to buy more very soon.

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