Femme Fatale Nail Art

July 16, 2015

Nothing To Disclose Press Sample

Today I have a quickie post for you to share a nail art look I created for Femme Fatale’s group page on Facebook. It’s a really simple look that I quite liked so I hope you do too!

The challenge was to use any Femme Fatale product in any style you like, this left a lot of room for playing around. I always like to dive in and try a polish that I previously hadn’t and for this one that polish was called Cloudburst*.


Visible on my thumb here, Cloudburst has a gentle seafoam coloured jelly-creme base along with different sized square glitters in pink, white and black as well as tiny gold glitters. The balance of glitter to polish in this one is gorgeous. Sadly this was an older polish of Femme Fatale’s and is long since discontinued so the only way of getting a hold of it would be through blog sales etc.


While opening up box after box of polish and setting my sights on Cloudburst, I came across Mossy Familiar*, a Colour Of The Month shade from December 2014. I loved how the base colours of the two polishes matched. Mossy Familiar is also a creme-jelly finish, but has a slight pink shimmer throughout. They had to marry together for me!


I teamed the polishes with some random square studs in complimentary colours to bring it all together and I really like how it turned out! I am completely crushing on pastel creme-jelly glitters at the moment!

What do you think?

Chris xx

*For clarification, Mossy Familiar was originally a Press Sample I received, Cloudburst was purchased by me.

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  • I love Cloudburst! I have a mini and I’m afraid to use it because I don’t want to be without it 😀 The whole manicure works very nicely together, so pretty!

    • Haha. I know how you feel! I have a couple of mini’s of her polishes and I never use them for fear of running out!

  • That is such a pretty glitter! Seafoam is one of my favourite colours too. Super pretty manicure <3

    • Thanks Allie. It’s a very relaxing colour and one that doesn’t make my skin look pink xx

  • OMG this mani is the best! I love how you paired those studs to match the FFC glitter polish. Just perfect <3

    • Thanks Emily! It was a lucky find that the studs matched, I was happy with the pairing of them xx

  • Such a gorgeous, easy and delicate manicure! I love that the studs are matching the glitter in Cloudburst!

  • I love how beautifully the studs match the glitter topper. The colours on this one are so beautiful! Love it!