Dance Legend Velvet Finish Collection

July 9, 2015

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I’m back with another Dance Legend post for you today. And, just to mention, today is a far better day than yesterday! I’m back on the positive train. Toot, Toot!!

Today we’re looking at the Velvet range, of which I have my two picks to show you. I love this range because the finish is gorgeous, not quite fully matte, but still smooth and silky, just beautiful!

The polishes don’t appear to have names (if they do I can’t read them) so I’ve just listed their numbers.



655 is a slightly blue-toned light grey or is it a grey-toned light blue?! It is a stunning, stunning neutral shade and my favourite of the two I have here today. The polish is on the thicker side, but still very smooth and easy to apply.

For my swatches here I’ve applied two coats, although one coat would be enough for most I think. You could add topcoat if you liked but you’d lose that satin finish. My pics are all without topcoat.

dance-legend-velvet-finish-655-1 dance-legend-velvet-finish-655-3



659 is a pale cashmere pink, a shade I’ve found myself liking more and more, the more I blog about them. I picked this colour specifically to go in some nail art you’ll be seeing soon as I love the way both of the polishes today blend together.

I found the formula of this one to be slightly different to the other, seemingly a bit patchy, particularly on the first coat. I used two coats for my swatch and it finished up beautifully though. Again, no topcoat.

dance-legend-velvet-finish-659-1 dance-legend-velvet-finish-659-3

The finish of these is just so smooth to touch. I think pairing them with a Sahara Crystal for some nail art would be a feast for the senses! I would recommend that if you have any ridges or bumps on your nails to make your you use a ridge filling basecoat so you can really appreciate the smoothness of the polishes. I do fear they would show up any flaws, so just thought I would mention that.

The Velvet range of polishes is available now in a HUGE selection of colours from Dance Legend. International shipping has re-opened so get into it while you can!

I have to mention I have been so impressed with all the different finishes I’ve experience from Dance Legend lately!

What do you think? What’s your ultimate finish for a polish?

Chris xx

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  • Oh these look really lovely! I can’t wait to try mine out! I love the pink and love that you called it cashmere pink <3

    • Thankyou Victoria xx I can’t wait to see yours <3

  • I chose two different colours from this collection and now I’m wishing I had these too! They’re such lovely shades. You made them look really gorgeous!!

    • We need all the colours I think. When I go back and look at the range, there are always more I need. xx

  • I love these, you did a much better job with them than I did! I found them difficult to apply 🙁 the finish is so beautiful though <3

    • oh, but your swatches of them are beautiful! The pink was a bit difficult due to the patchiness but I loved the other a lot! xx

  • Great choices ;-)! I always HAVE to pet my nails when I wear something matte.

    • Seriously though. I can’t get enough of the nail petting 😉 xx

  • Super cute and soft colors! The finish looks great! Gorgeous swatches, as always! xx

  • These are so soft and lady like. I can see you wearing them often! Lovely swatches, dear.

    • Thankyou Mina! I agree, they will be worn quite a lot I think.

  • The finish on these is just gorgeous and the colors are so feminine!