Celestial Cosmetics for Hella Holo Customs!

July 18, 2015

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Guys! Did you know that there is an awesome Facebook group called ‘Hella Holo Customs’ that organises member to suggest the creation of fantastic custom polishes with talented indie polish makers! No?! Neither did I until recently! Read on to learn more.

So from what I have learned is, each month two brands are asked if they would like to participate in creating customs for the group. The polishes MUST include a holo aspect, whether it be a little sprinkle of holo, a scattered rainbow, or a more potent, linear holo, as long as holo is included in the creation for the group. Can I say ‘holo’ just one more time!

Members of the group have the opportunity to post inspiration images and everyone goes ahead and ‘likes’ their favourites which are then plucked and chosen, then allocated to a brand. The brand then has to create a minimum two polishes based on the inspiration image. Names are selected, swatches shared and a pre-order begins for the polishes for the month.

I think that about covers it. This month, our very own Celestial Cosmetics was named as a contributor, and I was lucky enough to swatch them. Yay!

So, below is Nicki’s inspiration image.


And, here are the polishes Nicki created!



Poipu Sunset is a coral-toned pink polish with a slight creme-type base. It has an electric pink microflake shimmer, violet sparks and a very strong linear holographic rainbow. It is absolutely stunning and easily my kind of colour! It can lean either cooler or warmer depending on your lighting giving it a slight chameleon effect in different lighting.

It applies smooth as butter, only needing two coats for opacity. My swatches show two coats and no topcoat.

celestial-cosmetics-poipu-sunset-2 celestial-cosmetics-poipu-sunset-1



Seriously though! Hokulani is a stunning, STUNNING, vibrant berry polish. It has an absolutely incredible flame and the same electric pink shimmer seen in Poipu Sunset. Even in the shade, this one is stunning with no typical dusky appearance that some holo’s tend to have. It’s just bloody beautiful! I have been quoted as saying this has one of the best flames I’ve ever seen, and I stand by that. There comes along holo polishes every now and then that are just everything! This is one of those for sure!

My swatches show two coats and no topcoat. I will mention that this could easily be a one-coater for those of you with shorter nails than me. It’s superb!

celestial-cosmetics-hokulani-2 celestial-cosmetics-hokulani-1



Nicki was generous this month and added another of her creations for the group and I’m so glad she did! On The Way To Onomea Bay is a vibrant warm, green apple shade with violet and blue sparks and a linear holographic effect. I found that the flecks didn’t really show up outside of the bottle, but hey, who cares because the rainbow is fantastic!

My swatches show two coats and again, no topcoat.

celestial-cosmetics-on-the-way-to-onomea-bay-2 celestial-cosmetics-on-the-way-to-onomea-bay-1

I decided to have a little play around with the first two polishes, so I did a gradient which turned out far more impressive in person than on my camera! Because both Hokulani and Poipu Sunset have a bright pink shimmer through them, they actually blended together perfectly.


I was feeling adventurous, so I used Celestial’s Apocalypse (black creme polish) and hand painted some palm trees and birdies to make this a true tropical sunset mani. This was the first time I had ever done this so please excuse any heavy handedness.


Now for the details! If you like these and find that you need them. You need them, it’s a fact! You’ll need to follow these instructions carefully because the polishes are ONLY available to member of the Hella Holo group.

If you’re already a member of the Hella Holo Customs group, no problemo! You know how it goes already!

If you’re not a member and would like to become one you can visit Celestial Cosmetics page and you’ll find a link and instructions to join there, pinned to the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can email your Facebook account details to hellaholocustomercare(at)gmail.com and Dawn (one of the lovely mods) will take care of you.

So what do you think of these? Do you like a good holo?

Chris xx

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  • Kura Crichton

    Your swatches are so beautiful Christine, you have been a major influence in my growing polish addiction 😉 I think the nail art was great, not heavy handed at all! You should dabble in nail art more, i think you have great talent for it. xxx

    • Thankyou so much Kura! I would love to play around more and am glad I’ve been making a bit more time for it lately. Happy to help out with the polish addiction too, you’re welcome 😉 xx

  • skram08

    These look amazing <3 I belong to the facebook group but don't know how to get my hands on these 🙁

    • Thanks Emma. Nicki did great! You figured it all out didn’t you?

    • Kura Crichton

      I will tag you in the post Emma, so you can find it xxxx

  • Hokulani is insanely gorgeous and your nail art turned out so perfect! Really matches the inspiration images. Love it!

    • Thanks Emily. I even impressed myself with that one! It’s a beautiful polish isn’t it? xx

  • HOKULANI is beyond gorgeous! That flame <3

  • Oh WOW! The are just amazing! I LOVE your nail art!

  • Tanya Payne

    I am in love with all three! Between these and the sample sale I may be broke for a while. i have no regrets.

  • Your nail art looks AMAZING! Especially considering you’ve never done such a look before.

  • These are all so stunning but your nail art takes the prize for me – love it!!!

  • Look at you go, freehanding nail art! Looks fabulous!