Celestial Cosmetics Collaboration Collection! It’s All Happening!

July 22, 2015

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Arrrrggghhhhhh! The day is finally here. Today I am sharing with you my seven piece collection that I have collaborated with Celestial Cosmetics to create. This is so exciting!

It’s probably going to be a big one, so settle in, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had creating it! I hope you don’t mind if I babble a little bit with this one.

It’s All Happening!‘ is inspired by one of my most, most favourite movies, Almost Famous. There is nothing I don’t love about the movie, the script, the scenes, the music, oh the music! Most of all, I love the messages that I take from it, that life is one big journey and it’s all the people we meet along the way who help to shape the gossamer of our being. To live in the moment and take the time to breath and enjoy all the little things we so often overlook.

And of course, the big one, the quote from the movie, ‘The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we’re uncool‘- Lester Bangs.

I am uncool. I have always been uncool and I will never be cool, or the definition of cool. What is that anyway?! I’m just me, and I’m here to share another little piece of me with you all. So I hope you enjoy the polishes we’ve created and you’ll keep on this journey with me. Because you never know who’ll you’ll meet along the way!


It’s All Happening! is an eclectic mix of colours and finishes consisting of two holographic polishes, four flake and shimmer filled beauties, and a flake filled jelly stunner!

Nicki created them all from both my descriptions of what I wanted the polishes to look like, what was physically possible and the inspiration images I sent her to work with. I think she nailed the match with all of them.



Swill Merchants is a pale grey creme polish filled with tiny golden flakes and a fairly prominent green-blue shifting shimmer. It can appear either slightly darker or lighter depending on your lighting, but always towards the true grey side. It doesnt have blue tones to the base polish at all which is what I wanted.

Depending on application, you could get away with two coats. It has been designed to be sheer, so I have applied three coats for my swatches. It applies quite smoothly, but doesn’t level fast because of all the shimmer so you need to work quite fast with this one. I’m going to enjoy using this one on it’s own or as a base for future nail art.

celestial-cosmetics-swill-merchants-1 celestial-cosmetics-swill-merchants-2 celestial-cosmetics-swill-merchants-4



I know this is a long title, but I just had to have some Robert Plant inspired line in my collection. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll totally understand me. It’s also a quote I use myself when my kids are going completely nuts!

Does Anybody Remember Laughter? is a periwinkle coloured creme-jelly packed with just the right amount of blue and pink/purple microflakes. This has to be one of my favourite shades! The colour is super vibrant and the shimmer, although shy for the camera, quite strong.

This is a sheer polish, designed that way to accentuate the depth of the flakes. You can apply it like I have with three thin coats or alternativly you can layer it over your favourite complenting base colour. The polish is smooth to apply with no problems at all.

celestial-cosmetics-does-anybody-remember-laughter-2 celestial-cosmetics-does-anybody-remember-laughter-3 celestial-cosmetics-does-anybody-remember-laughter-4



I had to have Nicki create a couple of her holo’s for this collection! We Are Band Aids is a psychedelic mix of muted purple base colour with vibrant pink shimmer, sparks of hot red and a super sparkly holo. It’s a bright, sparkly rainbow of fun and goodness, just like the Band Aids themselves!

This applies like baby oil, smooth and clean with no issues. I applied two thin coats for my swatches and no topcoat.

celestial-cosmetics-we-are-band-aids-1 celestial-cosmetics-we-are-band-aids-2 celestial-cosmetics-we-are-band-aids-4



Now I know Lady may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You’re either going to love it, or not. I hope for the latter. Lady is another sheer creation I’d describe as a vintage rose-nude. If you can, picture those classic rose coloured polishes your grandma, mum, or yourself (we’re not old, we’re classic) had in her polish stash. That’s EXACTLY what the shade is. It is the 70’s! Lady is filled with blue and purple microflakes and a lovely pink shimmer.

Depending on your nails, you could apply two to three coats of polish for opacity. This is another one you could layer if you like. For my swatches I applied two coats, not thick nor thin, in between I guess. It does have a habit of wanting to pull back from the tips of your nails so be sure to wrap them well. The use of a base coat should alleviate that though.

celestial-cosmetics-lady-1 celestial-cosmetics-lady-2 celestial-cosmetics-lady-3



This one is inspired by a few factors, including the images above, but particularly it’s inspired by the pounding and wailing guitar sound of Sparks from The Who’s rock opera, Tommy and the candle you’re meant to burn whilst listening to it, subsequently seeing ‘your entire future‘.

Set You Free is a bright red toned orange jelly with sparks of red, loads of gold flakes and iridescent micro flecks. Please don’t be afraid of polishes this colour! They are BAM!!!! This one is sooo bright, and can lean either more orange or red, but always with the stunning depth offered by the jelly. It’s a real firecracker!

I have applied three thin coats for my swatches here. It applies really smoothly which I was impressed with considering the amount of flakes. I just love it!

celestial-cosmetics-set-you-free-1 celestial-cosmetics-set-you-free-2 celestial-cosmetics-set-you-free-3



For some reason when I think of home, this is the colour I think of. It’s peaceful (what my home aspires to be) and calm and beautiful. You Are Home is a mint green creme-jelly that can lean either more green or more turquoise depending on your lighting. Inside this potion are rainbow pearl flakes and tiny silver flakes.

It is sheer, needing three coats to build up to full coverage, but so very worth it. You Are Home is smooth to apply and very easy on the brush.

celestial-cosmetics-you-are-home-1 celestial-cosmetics-you-are-home-2 celestial-cosmetics-you-are-home-3



The final polish in the collection, and in my opinion, the piΓ©ce de rΓ©sistance, is Incendiary. Nicki was asked to create the ultimate silver holo, and that she did. Pure silver with a strong linear holo and tiny silver flakes. It’s just everything I wanted it to be! In the shade it’s quite metallic due to the flakes and in the light it radiates. It’s basically impossible to capture the brightness of it if that makes sense.

I applied two thin coats for my swatches and then sat back and enjoyed the show!

celestial-cosmetics-incendiary-3 celestial-cosmetics-incendiary-2 celestial-cosmetics-incendiary-1

I am excited to show you some looks I’ve been playing around with with these polishes, my babies, over the next few weeks, so keep an eyeball open!

The It’s All Happening Collection will be available from Celestial Cosmetics July 31st with worldwide shipping. The collection will be sold both individually and as a full set which will be discounted by 10% for the first week only. The reduced price for the full set will be $58.50 AUD.

Keep an eye on the Celestial Cosmetics page on Facebook to see swatches of this collection from a load of talented bloggers.

I am so, so grateful to Nicki for giving me the opportunity to create this collection. It really is a dream come true!

I’m nervous and excited to see what you think of these? Let me know below. Your thoughts on the polishes and the inspiration, I hope you love them as much as I do!

Chris xx

…..I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if you never take it seriously, you never get hurt, you never get hurt, you always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends. – Penny Lane

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  • Georgina

    I think my top three are swill merchants, Incendiary and We are band aids!

    • Thankyou so much Georgina! I’m sure you’ll love them xx

  • Tanya Payne

    That is a fantastic collection! Congratulations you lucky woman. I love Incendiary, You Are Home and Set You Free, gimme shimmery orange jelly all day everyday!

    • Thankyou so much Tanya! I’m glad you like them <3

  • It is a wonderful collection Christine, you and Nicki did a fantastic job <3
    I will show my swatches on Monday and Tuesday πŸ˜‰

  • I know how exciting it is to create a collab shade, I can’t even imagine how AWESOME it is to create a full collab collection! You seriously out did yourself Christine they are all true gems and I love the collection so much! I can’t wait to share my post hehe πŸ˜€ You Are Home looks really beautiful on you but Does Anybody Remember Laughter is to me a colour I really associate with you for some reason. Love them all!

  • Jessica Fowler

    Hello! This was one of my favorite movies as well, as a teenager, but I haven’t seen it in many years. I remember it was the first time I head “America” by Simon & Garfunkel, which is now one of my favorite songs! But my husband promised to watch with me recently and now I will watch with your collection in mind! It’s funny what you said about “grandma shades” because Lady was the one my eye was drawn to right away! I love it! I guess I’m an old soul (I’m 29). I also love We Are Band Aids and Swill Merchants!

  • Wow, I think I like every single shade in its own way. They are all so versatile (nail art bases or stand alone polishes) and I absolutely love your inspiration. Such a great movie! Stunning swatches as always and congrats to both of you for a knockout collection!!

  • Congratulations on this amazing achievement! I quite like all shades, there is a bit of everything in here!

  • Ummmm this is my favorite movie of all time and I am SOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED about this collection. Your quote at the top, my FAVORITE quote. This post, everything, is so exciting!

  • Congratulations Christine! This is BIIIIIG πŸ™‚ This collection is absolutely breathtaking, I love every single color, but my absolute favorite is You Are Home. Such a beautiful and eye catching color.

  • Leni G

    Amazing collection! Congrats : )! They are all stunning, but have mercy, Band Aids is a must have, with Lady a close second. But seriously they are all beautiful you should be proud : )

  • Katie B.

    Wow, love ‘Swill Merchants’! ‘You are home’ was my fav. over on the veryemily blog. Awesome work!! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  • sugarboombliss .

    Wow Chris, these are gorgeous, the first celestials i’ve been excited about for a while. I absolutely love how you see the colours, and where’d you find all those inspiration pics. You amaze me. Congratulations, Dawnxx P.S. Now i have to track this movie down so i can watch it again.

  • Congratulations Chris! You and Nicki have created a gorgeous collection, this whole post brought many smiles to my face thinking of my favourite quotes and moments from the movie.
    Set You Free is a surprise favourite, but the star for me is definitely You Are Home. It’s exactly the colour of the feeling I want home to feel like (did that make sense?). Just beautiful πŸ™‚

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