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June 2, 2015

Today I have the third collaboration polish that was recently released by Pretty Serious Cosmetics, Iktsuarpok, as part of their second installment in the ‘Stop! Collaborate and Listen’ series. I have previously posted about Scrangie’s shade, Herald Of The Skeleton War, as well as my own shade, Kashmir, if you missed those you can reach the posts by clicking on the polish names.

Iktsuarpok was created by the talented blogger, Polly Polish, and is, I think, absolutely elegant and gorgeous! But first, a look at that name!

From Polly Polish directly, “Iktsuarpok is an Icelandic wordΒ that describes the feeling of anticipation of a visitor arriving imminently, thus leading you to keep looking outside to see if they’re there yet.” What a fabulous name!

Now, let’s see that polish!


Iktsuarpok is described as being a medium grey jelly creme polish with silver glass fleck flakes. The description sounds so simple for what it truly looks like.

The polish seems to appear lighter or darker depending on lighting, and is definitely a true grey. The glass flecks have a cool tone to them throwing the polish a blue hue in certain lighting. The glass flecks also seem to be different sizes offering a shimmer appearance to larger, though not too large, flecks. The flecks have a blue/diamond quality to them that looks just GORGEOUS!

It also applied so smoothly and cleanly. I used two coats for my swatches. By the way when I wore this it was just for everyday wear so I wasn’t really concerned about it looking great for photographing. Also I used the very last drop (or shall we say glob) of HK Girl over the top which promptly shrunk my mani by morning. Great one Chris!

pretty-serious-cosmetics-iktsuarpok-7 pretty-serious-cosmetics-iktsuarpok-6

Pictured above shows images taken in daylight in the shade. You can clearly see the reflection of the light turning the polish a cool, icy blue tone.

pretty-serious-cosmetics-iktsuarpok-5 pretty-serious-cosmetics-iktsuarpok-3


Images above in direct sunlight show the shimmery quality of the glass flecks. I love how in almost every photo the polish has a slightly different tone. It’s as if it comes alive on the nails.

I really enjoyed wearing this polish and while grey’s are not something I ever think to buy, whenever I’m wearing one I love it. It’s classy, sexy, and elegant all at the same time.


Make sure you visit Polly Polish to see more detailed descriptions of the polish and the inspiration behind it, as well as her beautiful swatches.

Iktsuarpok is available for purchase NOW at Pretty Serious Cosmetics, along with the others in this second installment of the ‘Stop! Collaborate and Listen’ trio. Also, let’s not forget the first installment from last year which are still available too!

Chris xx

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  • sugarboombliss .

    Definitely adding iktsuarpok to my regular vocabulary now. and yes, i bought the polish too (how could i not :p) Dawnxx