Moonstone Nail Polish, The Time & Space Collection

June 14, 2015

Well Hi! I hope your weekend was fabulous. It was super rainy and miserable here so a lot of time was spent watching movies and eating delicious comfort food! I love Winter, but gah! My kids need fresh, warmer air!

I’m starting off this week with an awesome new release from Australian artisan brand, Moonstone Nail Polish. Moonstone have been super quiet this year, but I know they’ve used their quiet times productively with this collection having been in the works for months and months. I have to admit the wait has been worth it!

Moonstone are taking us back through time and space in a blue phone box! That’s right guys! Dr.Who fans rejoice! We have ourselves a six piece collection based on the Doctor.


Admittedly, it’s been well over twenty years, I believe, since I watched this show, so my memory is pretty much non-existent. Luckily for me, Caitlin, the creator of Moonstone provided me with some notes to describe her inspiration for each polish. Regardless of my knowledge of this cult classic, I know good polish when I see it, so let’s get straight into it.



I thought i’d start off with possibly the only polish I could pick of the bunch (hehehe, I’m shocking). I’m sure you guessed it. This one is inspired by the TARDIS, the Doctor’s travelling spaceship.

To represent this blue box, Moonstone have created a vibrant deep blue jelly style polish filled with tiny flecks and flakes as well as a little splash of holo. It applied very smoothly and neatly, I had zero issues with this (or any in this collection for that matter). For my swatches I applied three thin coats and one of topcoat. You can see in my photos a little bit of free edge there, however I didnt notice it before I looked at my images. If you were concerned about this you could layer it over a nice vibrant blue base.

moonstone-nail-polish-time-and-relative-dimension-2 moonstone-nail-polish-time-and-relative-dimension-4



Now this is a pretty polish! Pandorica was a cubic prison located in a secret chamber under Stonehenge. Built to imprison the Doctor himself! Personally I would gladly be imprisoned in such a beautifully decorated establishment!

Pandorica has a deep teal coloured base, slightly darker than my images show. It has tiny holographic microglitter, glitter shards and a lovely blue and green shimmery effect. For my swatches I applied two thin coats and one coat of topcoat. This one is much, much more beautiful than my images show in my opinion.

moonstone-nail-polish-pandorica-2 moonstone-nail-polish-pandorica-3



This polish just screams ‘Cyborgs!” doesn’t it? Based on the Cybermen, old enemies of the Doctor, these ‘upgraded’ humans most definitely would sport a shade such a this. (If they were to wear polish I’m sure.)

Age Of Steel is actually hard to describe! It is a molten silver, but when swatching it, I was thinking that it could be nice with one coat layered over another. On it’s own, as I’ve shown here, and how it’s meant to be, it’s just gorgeous. It contains these iridescent shards as well as a nice splash of holo along with the metallic look of the polish overall. It looks super fresh on. One of my favourites of this collection. My swatches show three thin layers and one coat of topcoat.

moonstone-nail-polish-age-of-steel-4 moonstone-nail-polish-age-of-steel-3



I tempt you to even try to say this without using your ‘robot’ voice! Inspired by the genetically engineered Dalek race, this is a spot on recreation of it’s inspiration.

We have an antique gold based polish filled with gold shimmer, holographic microglitter, and of course the round gold glitters. I wasn’t too sure about the round glitters at first, but after realizing the inspiration, the polish just wouldn’t be the same without them! They are the whole personality of the Dalek! I applied just two coats and one of topcoat for my swatches.

moonstone-nail-polish-exterminate-2 moonstone-nail-polish-exterminate-3



Rose is one of the Doctor’s companion’s in the TV series. Described as fierce, brave, and herself a savior of the universe she has a stunning polish dedicated to her.

A vibrant pink base filled with pink and violet flakies and a smattering of iridescent sparks. This one looks amazing! It takes a duo effect at times with the colour of the flakies and can appear warm or cool depending on lighting. I applied three thin coats and one coat of topcoat here today.

moonstone-nail-polish-her-name-was-rose-2 moonstone-nail-polish-her-name-was-rose-5



Weeping Angels! Could they provide better inspiration? Sneaky little things that you don’t want to turn your back on.

My absolute favourite of this entire collection (also, Moonstone’s first holo polish!). This one has a slate metallic finish with silver highlights and holographic effect. I love it! The holo, whilst being clearly evident, is graceful and accentuates the polish so well! I was impressed to the nth degree with this one, reminding me of some of the very best brands of elegant holo polishes out there! I applied two coat and no topcoat for my swatches. It dried to a nice, shiny finish all on it’s own!

moonstone-nail-polish-blink-and-youre-dead-5 moonstone-nail-polish-blink-and-youre-dead-4 moonstone-nail-polish-blink-and-youre-dead-3

If you have never tried Moonstone Nail Polish I urge you to get on it. I have had the pleasure of swatching for Caitlin for quite a while now, and her polishes have always been outstanding. I cannot recall ever having an issue of any of them, and this collection is by far, the best from Moonstone I’ve experienced to date. The shades are unique, beautiful, and gosh! Just so easy to use!

I’ll also note to keep your eye out on Bettina Nails blog, as I know she too is swatching these and is a massive Doctor Who fan (Whovian I believe), so I’m sure her post will be truly inspirational when she goes live.

The ‘Time & Space Collection’ will be available from Moonstone Nail Polish on 17th June 2015. They do not ship internationally themselves, however are stocked at Polishinail (based in Romania). Be sure to chase up your favourite stockist for this brand as I think more people should try these great polishes!

Stay up to date with Moonstone by heading over to their Instagram or Facebook pages.

Are you a ‘Whovian’? What do you think about this collection?

Chris x

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  • Totally geeking out over this collection! The creator did a fabulous job creating colours that actually match the inspiration which is a HUGE plus when it comes to fandom collections imo. I want them all!!

  • Ohh, these are so beautiful! Age of Steel is actually my favorite from the bunch. It’s so simple, but very classy and elegant too. Awesome swatches!

  • What a load of….beautiful polishes! I’ve never watched Doctor Who so I can’t relate but despite that the polishes are very pretty. I can understand how fans of this programme would be all over these 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of Moonstone before. Nice to see a new brand! A lot of beautiful polishes! It’s nice to see an “all-year-around” collection as a little breather from everyone’s Summer shade swatches 🙂

  • I don’t know much about the show either, but those polishes are gorgeous! Can’t even pick a fave!