Femme Fatale Cosmetics July 2015 COTM

June 22, 2015

Press Sample
Hey all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, and the reality of the working week is not too harsh for you! I have school holidays coming up in one week so am trying to get a bit in front on here, because trying to swatch and hanging out with the boys never goes well!

This July Femme Fatale Cosmetics have rolled with a surprise shade for us for their Colour Of The Month! Usually the shade and finish are voted on in the group, so with this being a surprise I’m sure it will be nice to not know what’s coming. Until right now that is! 

Here she is guys!


This glimmering polish is called Alien Atmosphere and is a little different to what we’ve been seeing lately from Femme Fatale, though no less beautiful to wear.

Alien Atmosphere has a muted dark purple creme-jelly base and contains a mix of different sized blue glitters in varying shades as well as violet coloured glitters. From pastel blue, to sapphire and teal leaning shades, along with the violet, they create awesome depth in the polish base. There also appears to be a blue and violet shimmer throughout.

I can see this polish being used as a base for some super cool bright Alien Space Art! What do you think?

The polish applied beautifully with no fishing for glitters and no dabbing needed. For my swatches I applied two coats. You’ll need a good glitter loving topcoat for smoothness with this one. It was a thirsty little polish!

Lighting- Sunlight

femme-fatale-cosmetics-alien-atmosphere-6 femme-fatale-cosmetics-alien-atmosphere-4

Lighting- Lightbox



Alien Atmosphere will be available during Femme Fatale’s July pre-sale (July 1-5), however will only be available for pre-sale July 1-2. So, you have 24 hours to get your order for this spacial beauty in. For purchasing I suggest parking your possie RIGHT HERE!

To stay up to date with all items that will be available in the pre-sale go check out their Facebook page as some items may not be returning at a later date!

Chris xx

*Note- I was supplied an older style 12ml bottle for my swatching. Customers will be receiving the regular 9ml sized bottle. Thankyou

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