Dance Legend Leo Skin Selection

June 29, 2015

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Guess what guys! It’s Dance Legend week! Due to all the releases we had last week I had to move some things around, so I hope you’re excited to see a few Dance Legend reviews over the next few days!

When I was contacted to review various collections I was able to choose two from each. Today I’m showing you my picks from the Leo Skin range.

The Leo Skin range is a small collection of four polishes in total, three toppers and one full-coverage polish. Today I have Savage and Daring to show you. 


Daring is a clear based topper with large leopard spot glitters throughout and silvery, glasslike flecks through. I was super excited to try this because a) believe me when I say I can’t paint a decent leopard on my own. It’s always looks like splodge! And b) The whole concept seems so versatile. Finally I could do leopard print over any colour, gradients etc. with ease!


For my swatch today I applied one coat over Dance Legend #24 Ksenia from their Binary range (review coming soon). Ksenia is a nice light grey creme which I thought would be nice to show this polish off.

Whilst I love how the mani looks, getting there was not such fun unfortunately. The polish is great because it acts as a topcoat on it’s own. It is quite rich and thick. However, I had to manually apply the leopard print myself. They wouldn’t come out of the bottle at all on their own. Actually, one or two glitters did, but by the time I was done, if I had applied too much of the topcoat the finish would been far to thick and unappealing.

I haven’t let that stop me from wanting to use it in future. What i’ll be doing, and recommending, is to apply the leopard glitters manually and place them on the nail, then apply a quick, thin coat of the polish base over the top.

dance-legend-leo-skin-daring-1 dance-legend-leo-skin-daring-3 dance-legend-leo-skin-daring-4


Savage is the full coverage polish from the collection and I loved the look of this as soon as I saw it.

It has a blackened olive toned base. It appears almost a smokey black when finished and is filled with a lot of golden shimmer that again has an olive-toned quality to it. The leopard glitters in this one are a lovely golden colour.


Savage has the same issue with the large leopard glitter that I found with Daring, but you know what? I still like it a lot. I adore the colours in the polish base, and I found the polish really easy to apply. I applied three thin coats for my swatches, and between the second and third coats I manually placed the large glitters where I liked them.

For a quick mani, you could layer this over a dark coloured base, placing your glitters and still having a beautiful effect.

I finished off my mani with Dance Legend’s Top Mega topcoat which is perfect for coverage of chunkier glitters.

dance-legend-leo-skin-savage-3 dance-legend-leo-skin-savage-4 dance-legend-leo-skin-savage-1

I can see a lot of potential future use for these polishes. What do you think? I believe these will either be something you like or dislike with not much room in between.

I do have to say again (as in my HammeRing review recently) that I am impressed with the creative intention behind a lot of these latest Dance Legend polishes. They continue to be one of those brands that like to go hard and I love that about them!

These, and the other polishes in the Leo Skin range can be found at the Dance Legend store who are now open for worldwide shipping. They can also be found at several stockists worldwide.

Chris xx

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