Lilypad Lacquer New Femme Fatale Exclusives

May 6, 2015

Today I have three new polishes from Australian brand, Lilypad Lacquer. All three of these shades have been created for exclusive sale at stockist, Femme Fatale Cosmetics. That’s right, no other online retailer will have these shades available!

I was really excited to swatch these as they are so different to any other Lilypad’s I’ve previously tried. I must admit I was super curious as to how they would look on the nail compared to the bottle shots I’d seen.

Let’s do it!

To save your valuable time… All polishes are two coats of polish and one coat of topcoat (I used Celestial Cosmetics Light Year Topcoat). You really need the topcoat with all of these shades to make the shimmer pop, as they all dry very matte. All images are taken in artificial lighting. (I’ll have a little life update sometime soon about why you’ll be seeing more lightbox images on here. I must admit, I’m enjoying the accuracy I’m getting though!)



Dream Weaver is a deep purple coloured base, filled with a strong blue micro flakie shimmer. The shimmer is so strong in the polish it make’s it have an almost metallic feel in different lighting, and it just sparkles so beautifully. I’ll note here that pictures of all these polishes don’t do them justice. They all have this amazing luminosity to them from the amount of micro flakies.

Dream Weaver applied very smoothly and whilst the finish appears creamy, the polish is a halfway mix of creme and jelly. I did do my second layer a bit thicker than I usually do just to make sure my coats were even.

lilypad-lacquer-dream-weaver-5 lilypad-lacquer-dream-weaver-3 lilypad-lacquer-dream-weaver-2



As soon as I saw this one I almost heard my camera running for the door! Lunar Berry has a teal coloured base and is filled with a blue and pink micro flakie shimmer. Yep, my camera hated me. Have a teal, then add blue to it as well, Gah! I will say though, that I was completely blown away with how well these turned out. The accuracy is excellent! The teal base adds dimension to the polish, whilst the blue and pink flakies add lift and depth with the polishing having more of the blue cast on the nail than in the bottle. The pink shimmer is a lot more dominant in reality than these images.

This one applied like Dream Weaver, finishing creme-like, but applying with the characteristics of a jelly.

EDIT 7/05- A day later and I have just noticed that this polish is showing far bluer on some devices than it really is. I want to reiterate that if your are viewing this post on a mobile phone, it is much more teal in real life than it is showing here.

lilypad-lacquer-lunar-berry-4 lilypad-lacquer-lunar-berry-3 lilypad-lacquer-lunar-berry-2



Sweet Spirit has a vibrant ‘fuchsia mashed with purple’ coloured base and has so, so, so much golden micro flakie shimmer. I was actually blown away by the amount of flakie in the polish, as looking at the bottle it looked quite delicate. It’s not. There is a lot of shimmer. I also happened to notice hints of other colours in the shimmer too, green and copper glimmered at me in places.

This one applied a little different to the other two which I’m assuming is because of the amount of flakie perhaps. It was a fraction thicker to apply, however it didn’t affect my application nor the outcome. In fact, it made this polish become pretty much a one coater. I only really applied my second coat to be sure I hadn’t missed any parts.

lilypad-lacquer-sweet-spirit-5 lilypad-lacquer-sweet-spirit-2 lilypad-lacquer-sweet-spirit-4

I absolutely, without doubt, adore each of these polishes. They are really vibrant, and the flakie shimmer has to be seen. It’s just so strong in each polish. I think these are stunning exclusives for Femme Fatale.

These three polishes are available only from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and have been added to the store now as well as a restock of some other Lilypad shades.

What do you think? Are you enjoying this burst of colour?

Chris xx

*Press Samples.

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