Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

April 7, 2015

Today I have some products to show you that I am so excited about! I had never previous to this occasion tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels, and I was lucky enough to be sent some to have a play around with. I have long, long been a silent fan of many Sally Hansen nail polishes, particularly many of the older ones, so was very curious to discover more about these as well as how they worked.

I was sent two of the newest shades released in Australia, Spice Age and Game Of Chromes, as well as one of the earlier releases you may have seen already, Pretty Piggy. Read on to see these three shades and discover what I’ve learnt about how they work.



Spice Age is one of Sally Hansen’s newest additions to the Miracle Gel range. It carries a dark espresso colour with highlights of bronze, gold, and pink where the light hits it. It is a stunning shade, and just perfect for our days as they begin to cool off.

It applied very evenly, only needing two thin coats for an opaque look. This would be a great shade to wear for some trendy Autumn nail art.

sally-hansen-spice-age-3 sally-hansen-spice-age-1 sally-hansen-spice-age-5



Pretty Piggy was released by Sally Hansen in 2014, and is a fabulous, popular shade. A coral toned pink crème, it’s beautiful and bright.

This shade applied very nicely, however it was a tad on the patchy side. I noticed some baldness under my lights when photographing, but it wasn’t obvious when out and about.

sally-hansen-pretty-piggy-5 sally-hansen-pretty-piggy-2 sally-hansen-pretty-piggy-4



This was my favourite of the three I tried. A delectable chrome colour, which on close inspection seems to be made up of thousands of both golden and silver particles. In some places, it looks more gold, some more silver, and then at other times, and most commonly, blends to create a soft molten look that is gorgeous.

For my swatches I only need two thin coats for perfect coverage.

sally-hansen-game-of-chromes-4 sally-hansen-game-of-chromes-3 sally-hansen-game-of-chromes-2

Each swatch is topped off with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Topcoat, which is the specific item which makes these products special. Although smart marketing methods label the products as ‘Gel’, this is because how it is more commonly known to the general public, the polishes are more what I would describe as being a ‘hybrid’ polish.

Both the coloured shades and the topcoat contain an ingredient containing an oligomer, which is basically a binding ingredient which bonds the molecules together tightly. The topcoat contains a photoinitiator which bonds the topcoat to the base colour, effectively bonding all those molecules together with the use of natural daylight. This was what fascinated me about this product, as I had not tried a hybrid that didn’t require a lamp to ‘cure’. I love finding out how and why these products work.

The combination of the base colour, the topcoat and natural daylight means the mani is touch dry within a minute, and although care is needed and your mani is still dentable, the mani will ‘cure’ itself naturally over time.

I played different methods of getting the topcoat to work. My first time, I popped outside into sunlight and the topcoat was dry to the touch in 30 seconds, and I was able to use my hands without worry within half an hour. I recommend if you have sunlight available to just pop your nails in the light to help speed up the process. What does this mean for those who apply polish at night or on overcast days? Will it work? Yes, although it takes a tad longer to dry, it still works and has the same strength and shine.

I’ve now worn all three of these shades for a minimum of three days per colour and other than a bit of chipping and tip wear on Pretty Piggy, they wore very well. In fact my photos of Game Of Chromes were taken on day three of wearing the shade.

The consistency of all the polishes was fabulous. I didn’t find them to be too thin, nor too thick. The brush was the outstanding factor and the reason I have worn these with enjoyment so much. The brushes in these bottles are flat, wide and rounded meaning easy application, even for my nufty hand! I would happily purchase more of these shades any day just for that brush.


Apply thin coats of product and allow the colour layers to dry well in between coats. This will ensure the bonders work best and as they are designed to. Applying thick will make the polish chip and you wont get as long a wear time out of it.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, retail for $16.95 each, and are available at Priceline, Priceline Pharmacies, Target, Terry White Chemists, Chemist Warehouse and independent pharmacies nationally. All three shades I’ve shown today are available now.

Have you tried these? What did you think about them?

Also, if you’re curious. The ring I am wearing is the 18k Gold Leaf Midi ring which is $19.90 AUD from Sonailicious Boutique.

Chris xx

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  • Spice Age looks great.

    • It really is Relle. I am impressed! And not an indie…What?!?!

  • Lisa

    I really like Spice Age as well. I normally try to avoid glittery shades ( I work in a conservative environment) but this doesn’t look too over the top!

    • Thanks Lisa. It’s not overly sparkly at all, I love it. It just glimmers where light hits it which is a divine trait. xx

  • Jae

    Spice Age is exactly what I’ve been wanting now hat it’s autumn. I love the Sally Hansen brush too, it’s my all time favourite.

    • Jae! I dare say this will get a fair bit of wear this season. Thanks xx