Pretty Serious Cosmetics. ‘Stop, Collaborate and Listen’. Kashmir.

April 23, 2015


Omg. Omg. Omg. That’s eloquent English isn’t it?

That’s the kind of English that happened in my house when I was asked by Kaz of Pretty Serious Cosmetics if I wanted to create my ‘dream polish’ with her as part of their ‘Stop, Collaborate, and Listen’ Trio. Basically, I’ve been prancing about on cloud nine since this was brought up to me, and finally, FINALLLY I can share with you my polish, Kashmir.

I didn’t even have to wait half as long as other bloggers, so I don’t know how they did it! I have been dying to spill the beans. Today beans are being spilled for certain! 

This is the second installment of the Stop, Collaborate and Listen collection, and it wont be the last either! And, of course, my polish is just one third of what’s being released! To see the other polishes, be sure to head over to Pretty Serious Party People as they are being shared in there first.

Within minutes I knew exactly what would inspire my polish. I am a huge, huge Led Zeppelin fan. The wailing voice of the honey dripper himself, Robert Plant. The mystical and insanely talented Jimmy Page. Dark and mysterious guitarist John Paul Jones, and of course, the hard-blowing, soul-punching drummer John Bonham. Their music has been my heart song since my early teenage years. For me, music and colour blend together. When hearing music, real music, and when feeling music, you can at times feel the colour. One of their songs, Kashmir, has always done that for me.

Kashmir Lyrics

I highly recommend listening to this piece of music if you never have…Immediately! Please!

After deciding on these lyrics, and the encapsulating music, I had colours in my mind, so came up with an ‘inspiration board’ of sorts for Kaz to work with. I grabbed colourful, and rich, vibrant images of life in the Kashmir valley, located in north-western South Asia. I had silky textures, rarity and contrasting colour of the stunning saffron crocus, vibrant reds with depth, golden flecks, and of course things that change colour at different angles.

The magic that Kaz created from my imagery is undeniably one of the most lovely polishes, if not, the most lovely polish I’ve ever seen. I know everyone says that about their children, but no…. really…. We all secretly have favourites right?

Kashmir-Inspiration- Board

I know this post is going to be very picture heavy. I’m not going to bother apologising. Trust me, the images you’ll see are but a fraction of those I have.

Here is Kashmir guys!

pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-bottle-1 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-bottle-2

Kashmir is one hundred percent secret sauce. I can start to pull it apart to discover it’s many treasures, only to find a new treasure a day later.

The base colour is a rich, red-toned purple. Luxurious and smooth. Inside we have shimmer galore. A fiery red, soothing blue sparks, gold dust, purple highlights. Oh and they all shift about. No one shimmer is truly what is was five seconds before. I don’t get it (why I’m not a maker) but I know I want more of it.

Of course, I had to have flakies! Kashmir has gold flakes, flakes that change colour, and flakes that are like flashes of fire in the polish. The flakes used are not like any other flakes I can recall seeing anywhere. They’re really quite special.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s not. It’s just perfect!

Application. I mentioned that I wanted it to be silky, and taaadaaaa! By George she did it! Kashmir applies smooth as silk, and even better, you only need one to two coats at best for an opaque look. Add a coat of topcoat to make it gleam and you’re set.

My swatches are two very thin coats and one coat of topcoat.

pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-sun-1 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-sun-2

In the sun, pictured above, the base colour of the polish shines true. It is super sparkly, and most definitely a driving hazard. The golden shift you can just see a touch of above is clearly evident when having your hands on the steering wheel of your car. True! And those red flakes. Gah! Give me life!

Ready for major picture spam?

pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-shaes-4 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-shade-6 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-shade-5 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-shade-3 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-shade-2 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-shade-1 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-closeup-2 pretty-serious-cosmetics-kashmir-closeup-1

No picture I have taken has managed to capture the awesomeness, and it looks really good in the pictures, so what does that say!

I really hope you guys will love this polish as much as I do. It’s been a joy to create, and it’s been an absolute honour to be asked to participate in this. To bear witness to the talent that created this was amazing! It was like Kaz delved deep into my head, and I will be forever grateful for the accuracy and astounding success of how Kashmir turned out. A huge thankyou to Ben and Kaz for all their hard work and for having me on the Pretty Serious Team.

Kashmir will be available from Pretty Serious Cosmetics May 2nd 2015 along with the other two polishes in the trio. For the first 24 hours of the release, Pretty Serious are again offering a 20% discount to customers. How huge is that! Pretty Serious are releasing many other new products at this time too. More info to come on that later next week.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me guys. I will be back again really soon, and I especially can’t wait to start seeing you wearing Kashmir.

24/4- I have a little update. Just tonight, I saw that Polly Polish has shared her review on her collaboration shade, Iktsuarpok. It is absolutely stunning, so make sure you head over and check that out. When the third collaboration is announced I will link that one here too!

29/04- The third collaboration polish has been announced! From none other than Scrangie herself comes, Herald Of The Skeleton War. Such major fangirling going on! You can see Scrangie’s polish HERE.

Chris xx

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