Pretty Serious Cosmetics Rock On

April 14, 2015

Today I have a blooming fantastic product to share with you. I rave about this bad boy to anyone who will listen, my family, my friends, my clients, anyone on social media. I’m a walking audio board for Pretty Serious Cosmetics Rock On! Nail Strengthener. And here’s why…..

What is Rock On?

Rock On is a nail strengthener created by Australian artisan nail polish brand, Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

From Pretty Serious themselves, “Our Rock On! Nail Strengthener is just what you need to revitalise weak, peeling, break prone nails. This amazing formula strengthens the nail without hardening to allow for flexibility and minimised breakage. No more brittle nails here!

It appeared last year, and I must admit I was skeptical. I was using other products I believed were great, so it took me a little while to purchase myself a bottle. When I finally decided I wanted to try it out, Pretty Serious had sold out. This is a product that seems to sell quite fast! I purchased my bottle from Pretty Serious Stockist, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and went to work with using it.

Most people who know me in everyday life know that my left hand, the swatcher, is kept gel free majority of the time. I usually wear my work products on my right hand, so I don’t have to worry about their photogenic beauty much, haha! I am also one of those with fairly lucky genetics, and I am not hugely prone to peeling and breakage….at least that was true until I began swatching rather excessively. I would always find that after a decent swatch session, my nails would seem to disintegrate before my eyes and demand me to stop. They would peel at the edges, and break on the corners. And if I left them bare, oh the horror!, they world surely taunt me with bends and breaks.

So how do I use it?

Rock On! is applied like any nail strengthener in polish form. You apply it directly onto your nail plate, ensuring you have even coverage and making sure to wrap the tips of your nails to create a base seal. This is important if you are prone to the peelies. You want that edge covered so no water or other product can get in there. It dries fairly fast, and you can then either leave it as is if you like the nudie look, or you can go right ahead and paint your nails with your preferred polish.

I will mention that Rock On! is not designed to be a stain inhibitor, for reassurance apply a base coat on top of the Rock On and under your nail polish. Finish your mani with a topcoat, again wrapping the topcoat over your tips, this time to seal your mani in and help it last to it’s full potential.

The below image shows just one coat of Rock On! applied to my natural nails, and a little cuticle oil for softening of the cuticle.


(excuse my filthy nails, so feral)

Have I seen any results?

Yes! A resounding YES! These days, unless I am wearing gel on my nails, I always, always am wearing this product. In fact I have become quite stubborn about it. I will not shower without at least just this on my nails. I will not buckle my kids in the car without this on my nails. I will not do housework without this on my nails. (It’s not an excuse to get out of the housework sweetheart, I promise!)  I am a total freak for Rock On. I admit it.

I believe I have now been using it for at least six months, and I have not had one break. Not one!

I have had no peeling on my free edge. This has been the most awesome thing! Whilst I don’t use acetone for swatching, I use it a lot for work, and my nails get soaked in it, particularly on the edge of my nails and I believe this was causing a lot of my problems. Yes, when I’m working the acetone will make the Rock On come off, but after a quick wash, I simply reapply it. It literally takes two minute to apply to both hands, and I then have my free edge sealed tight again.

Also, my nails are strong. Like rocks really…pun intended. They still have the flexibility that allows for no breakage, but even whilst I flex the nail, they are firm and sturdy. They keep a decent c-curve, but not an excessive one which you might find happens with other nail strengtheners. The Rock On appears to me as though, along with creating a strengthening, protective seal, some ingredient in it allows the nail to remain full of its natural oils, meaning that flexibility is a trait of the product, and you’ll notice that your nails appear ‘moisturised’ even after removal. I hope that makes sense.


Will this product work for you?

I hope so! And that’s why I wanted to share my thoughts. I was not required to blog about the product. I decided to do this piece on my own. However, as with all nail products, not every product works for everyone, and there is a chance that it may not work for you, but I urge you to give it a go. If you have weak, brittle, peelies or even already great nails, I would recommend trying this product for yourself. Give it at least two months of a solid trial of always wearing it on your nails, every possible second you can, and see if it helps you.

The problem I see a lot of people having with nail strengtheners is that they give up too soon. The matrix, (area at the base of the nail where your nail grows from), needs to produce new cells, and you have to wait that time (usually it take between three-six months in a healthy person), for the new cells to move to the fresh free edge of your nails. If your weakness stems from a loose compression of keratin, giving it a good time of trial will let you know for sure if the product’s for you.

If you’d like me to give tips on growing healthy nails, just ask. I love rambling about this stuff.

Where can you get it?

You can purchase Rock On! Nail Strengthener through the Pretty Serious Cosmetics website, or at one of their online stockists worldwide. It is an extremely reasonable price, $10.95 AUD, compared to what we pay for other higher end strengtheners, and I believe the results are more than comparable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it informative. If you have any questions please ask and I’ll be sure to reply.


*My first bottle of Rock On was purchased by myself, however subsequent bottles have been provided to me.

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  • Kerstin B.

    When worn on its own, how long does it last? Usually a strengthener starts to peel within a day on me, and I’m not that kind of girl who does her nails on a daily basis (or wants to….).

    • I change my nails pretty often so it’s hard to say. The longest I normally go is three- four days, and it stay on fine for me. I have found the bonding power of this to the bare plate to be pretty darn strong. I know I cant wear it with any peel off base coats on top for example as it really sticks to my nails hard. With any product that seems to lift straight off you, and I’m sure you do this anyway, try not to use acetone based remover as it may cause you to produce more oils to compensate. Also, before applying wash your nails and dry thoroughly so that no oils are left on your nail.

  • Wow, Chris. It seems like this is the product I’m looking for, so I’ll have to get some as soon as I can. It sounds amazing. I wish I’d found it before now – for instance, as soon as I found out how badly damaged and weak my nails were from the chemotherapy last year. Could you please tell anyone you know who may have to go through chemo to start looking after their nails like a FANATIC before they start the treatment, and continue to do so afterwards. If I’d known then what I know now, I’m sure my nails wouldn’t have suffered so much damage. As a nail therapist, can you tell me if my nails will recover from having lifted off the nail bed down the sides of some of my nails? I’m concerned that the damage may be permanent.

    • I will do a post on here if you like about what I’d recommend for those starting chemo, and when the chemo has finished. The lifting you experience is common for those who’ve had chemo and if the damage is not too bad, over time, the nail bad can fix itself. Sometimes the damage may be too bad. It takes a really long time for the body to recover from the drugs. And longer for the nails than for the hair.

      • That would be great, Chris. I know there are heaps of people out there who would benefit, and I would definitely put a link to it on my blog. And thanks for letting me know that my nail bed lifting might repair itself. That makes me feel a little better – I’ll just keep praying that they do. I had no idea that my body would take so long to recover. I thought it would be gone within a few months, but I still have days, like today, when I feel so fatigued that I just can’t even be bothered getting dressed. I hope things improve soon.

  • I received my first bottle of Rock On today, and immediately after applying it for the first time it made my nails stronger, and hopefully will also improve my nails as they grow out, so that they are permanently stronger and healthier. I wish I had bought this 2 months ago instead of wasting so much money on other products that promised to do this, but didn’t live up to their promise. Thank you for the recommendation, and for your support and help.