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April 28, 2015

If you’ve been keeping up to date with all the new, exciting releases from Pretty Serious Cosmetics you may have noticed on HUGE section that is being heavily added to. The nail care range is an important part of a business and no matter what shades of polish we do or don’t like, we ALWAYS need various nail care products. I know I am hugely addicted to cuticle treatments, and I definitely go through topcoats like nobody’s business.

I was sent a few of the new products to trial and have spent at least a month now using them, so I thought I’d briefly go over my thoughts of what I’ve tried today.

If in the future, I try more of them, I’ll edit this post and re-promote it so you can see any updated products.

Here is Pretty Serious’s list of all the new nail care products;


Clearly, all the products will be issued with this descriptive card and directions…But what are my thoughts on some of them?


This super intensive nourishing cuticle oil is the bee’s knees. I mentioned my obsession for cuticle products. I have oils and balms galore, this one has had it’s solid month trial, and my cuticles are thankful. I’ve found it perfect for these colder months we’re starting to have here in Australia, as well as being light enough to not turn greasy on the warmer days.

The scent is refreshing and lovely. I adore the freshness of citrus scented products. I’ve enjoyed massaging this on into my cuticles both in the morning and before bed at the very least. I will guarantee that with regular use, you will notice a huge difference in the pliability of your cuticle from using this product.


This base coat applies nice and thin, dries fast, and does it’s job in terms of stain resistancy and holding your polish on. I tested this with some of my stainiest polishes and not one managed to break the barrier.

Also, being sure to wrap the free edge of my nails with Force Field-Polish-Topcoat, I happily wore polish around for three days with zero tipwear. Three days is my general test time, as I can usually tell in that time how something is going to last, since generally when I”m not writing at my computer, I’m chasing down three little boys and cleaning up the atrocious mess left in their wake.


This peel off base coat is great a does the job it sets out to do. Perfect for those glittery polishes that drive you bonkers trying to remove, or if you’re lazy like me, good for ALL your polishes you just want to peel off.

NOTE- Don’t use Hex-A-Peel in conjunction with Rock On!

I have made a video to explain how I apply and remove it if you like to check that out. I know a lot of people tend to not get a long time of wear out of their polishes whilst wearing a peel off base coat, and I always wonder if application is the issue. Of course, it may just not work for some people, but I urge you to try this method of application.



PUTV is freaking fantastic! Thick, super dooper shiny! And really, not that long of a wait for dry time! This is some kind of hard core, industrial topcoat. I love it.

Thicker and with more volume than Aqua Coat, but none of the gluey-ness of Seche, you need to apply it confidently and fast. If you find it becomes a little too thick for you, you can always pop one or two drops of thinner in it (NOT nail polish remover!).

I have used this for countless mani’s recently, see here, here and here, and I’m sure I’ll be using it for many, many more.

It takes around two-three minutes to become touch dry, and solid within half an hour. You can speed up the drying process by applying a coat of Crystal Coat over the top, much in the manner I was using Aqua Coat and Crystal Coat up until recently.

All these NEW nail care products will be available for purchase from Pretty Serious Cosmetics May 2nd, along with the Stop! Collaborate and Listen Trio (part2) and a new range of Special Effect Topcoats.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with some images of a couple of the Special Effect Topcoats I’ve tried.

Chris xx

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  • Tanya Payne

    Is Plump Up The Volume good for rough glitters or smoothing textures?

    • Tanya. It’s perfect for those types of polishes. You’ll only need one coat and they’ll be smooth and shiny.