Pink Wednesday

April 15, 2015

Today I have another pink Wednesday combination to share with you, although for this week, these two pinks I’m using are not actually untried. One I haven’t worn for a long time, so technically it was sad, another I only really use for base colours if a polish needs undies.

I have combined Essie’s Super Bossa Nova, a bright pink creme with delicate blue shimmer, with Peita’s Polish Labels or Love, which was from a What’s In-Die Box during 2013. If I remember correctly it was a Sex And The City inspired box. 



These two polishes combined together excellently, however I lost the deep squishiness of Labels or Love by putting it over a base colour. Sadface!

I did a huge overhaul of my polishes a couple of days ago, and now I feel amazingly organised. The most important thing being that when I was organizing I picked out every true untried I own and have sorted them. Therefore, although I still have a few pinks to go, this will be my last Pink Wednesday, as I have now organised to swatch my untried by brand.

Going through them in colours is just too scattered, and I have some great brands, that I’ve never even tried before that I’d like to get to and share some coverage of.

The first brand will be Crows Toes, and my untrieds from there will be popping up on here in the next few days. Trust me when I say there has been a lot of kicking myself for not having tried some of these polishes earlier!


*Nothing to disclose

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  • That pink is amazing, Chris, and would be perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October – I’ll have to see if I can get some, because I have promised myself to wear pink all through October. Is this one still available, do you know by any chance? Also, what an amazing What’s Indie Box? polish. I really wish I could afford to subscribe to this, but I’ll have to satisfy myself with maybe getting one every now and then. I’m going to have to start asking my family for CASH for Mother’s Day, my birthday, Christmas, etc, instead of presents. It was lovely getting so much polish last Christmas, but I’m afraid my darling hubby is nearly as bad as me. He bought me so much for Christmas, and every time I’m with him looking at polish, he constantly says “What about this one?”, and if they have some in the cheap bin at Priceline, he rummages through them just as much as me. He has even come home with polish for me for no reason except he thought I might like it. My first two Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes were ones he bought for me, with, of course, the top coat. I couldn’t believe it. He is such a darling, and I love him to death. I won the lottery when I married him 33 1/2 years ago.