Help Me Ronda Facial Serum Review

April 4, 2015

I have wanted to share this post with you for, literally, months now, and finally I am able to. Today we’re taking a look at two of the facial serums from Australian company, Help Me Ronda. I use these two serums on my own skin daily, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Help Me Ronda produce a small range of handmade products to improve your everyday well-being using natural ingredients. I have reviewed their cuticle balms and scrubs here. The two serums I’m showing are Mature Skin, and Normal to Oily Skin.


FACIAL SERUM- Normal To Oily Skin

This was the second serum I purchased with the idea in mind for my husband to use it on his skin. I’m pretty sure he has used it a couple of times, but you know how lazy men are right? I now use this serum daily after my morning shower. Just one to two drops max, I gently rub it over my face and neck area after drying off. I like it’s freshness, and that it is nice and light. I don’t use any commercial moisturisers on my skin anymore, and haven’t, in fact, since I first purchased the Mature Serum, at least six months ago. I had been searching for a natural alternative, and found it with these products. More about that later…

Using this serum in the morning doesn’t affect my makeup, and it doesn’t make my skin oily, as you might think using a serum like this may do. The moisture levels on my face are well balanced, and even during the ghastly ‘moon times’ my incidence of the hormonal pimple garden has vanished.

Description from Help Me Ronda- Made with Lemon, Geranium and Tea Tree in a base of Jojoba oil, this product encourages hormonal balance and therefore prevents overproduction of sebum (oil) in oily areas such as the t-zone. It also reduces acne breakout.

Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis, Citrus Limon, Pelargonium Graveolens, Melaleuca Alternafolia.


This was the first serum I purchased, and if I only had one skincare product I refused to live without it would be this one. I am, gasp, 36, and found myself experiencing (at the time of purchase) dry skin patches, smile lines, uneven moisturisation levels, and general ‘sick and tiredness’ of store bought, chemical filled moisturisers. I bought this one to use specifically to apply at night time before bed, and the results of using it have been very obvious and outstanding. I use just two drops, and smooth it over my face, then using my ring fingers, I carefully wipe excess around my eye area. In the mornings, my skin is noticeably clearer and around my eyes, less tired looking and more youthful. WINNING!

Description from Help Me Ronda- Made with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli in a base of Jojoba and Rose Hip oil, this product helps maintain the elasticity in the skin and encourages hydration. It plumps the skin to give a younger, smoother appearance.

Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis, Rosa Canina, Boswellia carteri, Cananga odorata, Pogostemom cablin

Β The serum bottles arrive lovingly wrapped, with instructions for patch testing and application. They are fitted with a dripolator, however also come with an eye dropper for those who prefer to extract it from the bottle in that way.

help-me-ronda-facial-serum-3 help-me-ronda-facial-seurm-4

I highly recommend making sure youΒ do a patch test for 24 hours, in an inconspicuous spot before using it. How I went about regular use was to then apply, one night-one drop for about a week, then followed with slowly building up the amount to two drops. I didn’t want to shock my skin with the oil. Also, if you apply any more than two to three drops, you may find you’re skin becomes blocked and oily. These serums are very sensitive in nature, and is, why I suspect, many people steer clear of them. I now use nothing, NOTHING else to moisturise my skin. I adore these serums and rave about them wherever I can.


Make sure to keep your bottles in a dark, room temperature location, and use regularly. I have found that my Mature Skin Serum has now become old, and has that smell that Rose-Hip Oil gets when it’s nearly turned. I’m nearly out so will definitely be needing to purchase more very soon.

These serums are available from Help Me Ronda who do ship worldwide. Also, if you’re not sure about which product might suit you, Ronda will happily assist you in determining the best products to use for your specific skin needs.

Chris xx

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