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March 26, 2015

Today I have a quick little post for you regarding three new products you’ll see at Celestial Cosmetics store as of April 1st. We’ll be taking a look at Camo Coat, a liquid latex based barrier for use during nail art. For the same task, we’ll have another look at Loki’s Nail Aprons which are now being stocked at Celestial Cosmetics. I have mentioned these nail aprons in a recent post regarding use of them. The final product is a soy based nail polish remover. This product was one I was very interested in, having heard a lot about it, but never tried it for myself.

I also have a video review of these three products, which shows application, use, and my thoughts on the products. For this reason, I’m being quite brief here today on things, as my video goes for quite a while, but I definitely recommend watching it.



This is a wonderful product. One we are seeing released by a lot of different brands right now. It is a latex based product which you paint on your skin and cuticle area. It is particularly effective for water marbling, stamping, anything messy really. It dries relatively fast, and removal is a simple as peeling it off. The latex component makes it comes off it one rubbery piece, leaving no mess behind.

The most important thing I will stress with this product is PATCH TEST. Even if you know you’re not allergic to latex. Patch test upon receipt of the product just to be sure. The last thing anyone wants is a nasty rash or reaction to the latex.

PS- It stinks when wet. The stench goes away as it dries, but oh my, latex is a stinky product.



These are just fabulous. Made by Australian company, Loki’s Nail Vinyls, and now stocked by Celestial Cosmetics. They are perfect for those who do have latex allergies. Perfect for everyone else too. These are made just like your standard nail vinyls. You just peel of the backing and tape it around your nail area. Do your nail art. Peel off, then move to the next finger. They’re also reusable, so there’s no need to throw them away after one mani. Just stick them back on the backing paper.

The nail aprons are available in two sizes, large and small. I’ve taken a comparison picture below so you can see the sizes well.




A Soy based remover that is both effective and gentle on your skin and nails. Despite taking longer than a traditional remover, this left my nails so moisturised, and the amount used is actually far less than the amount of remover you would normally use to remove a mani. While I personally wont use it for swatching removal. I will definitely be using it for regular removal, because I want my nails to remain in the best possible condition they can be. It has a lemon myrtle scent to it which is refreshing and I really enjoyed.


To take a deeper look into these three products, please go check out my video. In advance I wish to apologise, I am still very much learning with the whole video side, and this was the first one in which my voice was there. Eeeek! I am aiming to condense my filming down to a quicker time frame, so sorry it’s so long. Also, the condition of my nails is appalling! The last week of the month is always my busiest for releases, particularly this week has been, so the staining, the old gel particles on my righty, gah! In future I will definitely be more aware of not being a grot.

For those that don’t watch the video…I sort of understand! Allow me to improve a bit.

These three products will be available from Celestial Cosmetics April 1st 2015, with the exception of Loki’s Nail Aprons which are available NOW.

Stay tuned for in the next couple of days I’ll have the polish releases on here for Celestial, and they are stunning this month!

Chris xx

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