Dance Legend – City Lights Collection, Evolution & Fireworks

February 6, 2015

Oh hello! It’s nice coming back down to earth after such an epic week last week and getting back to regular scheduled posting. Let me tell you, my house is looking much neater this week and I’ve been able to get a lot of things done that were put off momentarily. This means I’ve had time to sort through the pile of polish and pick out some real treats to show you from the ‘Swatch My Stash’ category which I’ll get back into next week.

I was recently sent two polishes from Dance Legend’s City Lights Collection to have a try of so I thought we might have a look at them today. Both polishes appear super luminous in the bottles with shifting glitter and other secret additions but let me tell you. They are NOT easy to capture in a photograph, possibly the most difficult polishes I’ve tried to swatch for a long time. Let’s take a look at what I did with them. Today I have Evolution and Fireworks.



Evolution has a deep teal, green tinged base jelly and contains these amazing, square luminescent glitters that appear to shift turquoise/green/blue. It’s really hard to tell the actual colour of the glitters, they just shift around too much. It also has a stunning green/golden shimmer throughout it to bring the whole polish together.

It applied very easily. You need to wrap the tips of the nails as the jelly base is true and squishy, but other than that, glitter sat flat and shifted beautifully on my nails. I applied three thin coats and I love it!







Now this one was the little mischief maker of the two. Fireworks has a super sheer lilac jelly base again with square glitters that appear to light up somehow. The colour of the glitters seem to shift blue/purple/turquoise and they just glow, not like glow in the dark, or some kind of trickery, they really look like little lights! Also, inside the mix is a fiery bronze shimmer that sparks regularly adding to the magic of this one.

Again, the polish was easy to use, and I applied three thin coats. In my photos it appears as though there is VNL but in reality it wasn’t there. Also, in reality, this polish is absolutely stunning. The camera, including every swatch I’ve seen of this polish, just cant seem to catch exactly what it looks like. It’s like illuminated fairy wings if you can picture that.





I wanted to really capture what the glitters were doing on my nails, so I applied just one coat over Dance Legend’s Black peel off base coat (review coming soon). Yes, of course the lilac jelly base disappeared but I was able to catch the glitters and the shimmer excellently to have a closer look.


What amazing polishes! Have you tried any from the City Lights Collection? I’d be very interested to know what you thought of them. I really think they are a collection that needs to be tried to be really appreciated.

Fireworks and Evolution, as well as the rest in The City Lights Collection are available from Dance Legend who are to be re-opening international shipping very soon, however they are stocked at a number of international stockists. I know I already have a new wish list ready and waiting!

Chris xx

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