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January 9, 2015

Today I have a guest post lined up for you by the lovely Georgina, aka on Instagram. Georgina also owns a little piece of the internet on her own site.

Please welcomeย Georgina and enjoy the read. Oh and that cute as guinea pig too!

So I was lucky enough to win a feature on Christine’s blog last year through the Celestial Star’s Facebook group comp. I love her blog because she focuses on just indies, and indies are the best!
We both agreed that as it was a Celestial competition, my feature would of a Celestial polish. I agonised for ages as to what to post and delayed constantly because my nails, cuticles and hands were not perfect. But then I realise that it never will be and I should just paint my nails!
So here it is! I have what I believe might be called a skittlette. Whatever it is called, it uses a trio of recent Celestial Cosmetics polishes I received.
On my index in Belt of Venus. It’s a purple jelly with glitters. I clearly have a weakness for purple jelly, because as I was painting I remembered I have Deck the Halls and End of Days, both purple jellies. This is probably the most manageable of the three though.
On my middle and ring finger, I did a base of Tantrum. *sigh* This is so gorgeous, and the slightest hint of pinkness is just right up my alley. I wish I had splurged and purchased the whole collection when this came out.
ย The dots, as well as the base on my little finger is Men of Mayhem and it is sexy as! Just like the men who inspired it. I am really digging the fruity, berry colours this summer and this deep, reddish magenta/fuchsia (whatever it is called) shade makes my heart sing. Why oh why did I wait so long to pick this sexy beast!
ย All topped with my well loved sample of Light Year quick dry top coat. Smells yummy too!
I hope you liked the polishes!

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