Spell Polish- Geezer and You Should Be Dancing

December 14, 2014

I have two more beautiful Spell Polish to share with you today. I hope you’re enjoying seeing all these from Spell Polish, and I really hope I can pass my new love for this brand around. As someone who sees a heck of a lot of artisan polish, I have been wowed by each one I have seen so far. That’s pretty darn fantastic I think, right?

The first one I want to have a look at is Geezer, from the earlier released, Dud’s We Once Loved Collection. Hahaha. I love the name of this collection, and the polish title’s are gold! I’m sure we all have some ‘dud’s’ stashed away in our “don’t even go there files”.


Geezer is a blue-purple-pink duochrome polish. Not, however, like any other I’ve seen before. It’s extremely ethereal. The shift is strong but subtle and shimmery…How is that even possible? The finish of it is glowing, satiny and has a metallic look to it. It’s really beautiful.

Inside the delicate base colour are tiny pink and holographic micro-glitters that give the polish a little bit of something extra. To be honest, I’d enjoy wearing it without the inclusion of the micro-glitters, as it’s just so beautiful as is. I’m most definitely not saying I don’t enjoy the micro-glitters, just that base shade is sooo gorgeous to me.

For my swatches I applied two coats on it’s own, and one coat of good, glossy topcoat. I did try layering this over a black base too. It looked lovely layered, but my swatches looked sucky so I got rid of them. I would love to try it over a nice rich purple to really make that duochrome shimmer pop.






Next up is You Should Be Dancing from the Spell Polish ‘DJ Just Dance’ Collection.  This is a super fun clear based glitter bomb polish.


Packed full of stunning lavender glitters of all shaped and sizes, it has orange and blue hexes added in contrast. It’s a great, versatile blend of colours. And those huge dots! They’re massive!

For these swatches I layered just one coat over Cirque Memento Mori. It’s a thicker polish, but not to the point of being unworkable. It’s just the perfect viscosity to have all those glitters right there on the brush, no fishing at all. Perfecto!




While I was at it I thought I’d have a look and see how these two polishes looked together and I was soooo happy I tried it. So below I have one coat of You Should Be Dancing over Geezer. What a great combo!




Both Geezer and You Should Be Dancing are available from Spell Polish who ship internationally. They have also just released a brand new collection called “The Good And The Evil” which looks amazing too. So if you head over, be sure to check that out too.

Spell Polish can be found stocked at Femme Fatale Cosmetics, however not these two shades. But trust me, plenty of others are waiting there to tempt you including the one I featured a couple of days back, Blind Worms Sting.

If you stuck with me through this whole, huge post, thanks! I’ll be back real soon with more goodies .

Chris xx

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